Kim Cunningham, the renowned and skilled lady who is a news journalist and is working for The Weather Channel was born on 1966 in Cincinnati, U.S. Her birth year has been revealed but not her exact birth date. She was a very hard working girl since her childhood and was a bright student as well. She obtained her high school by becoming enrolled at the Creighton University in Omaha. She obtained a graduate degree in Atmospheric science. She was a very ambitious girl and had huge dreams. The extraordinary girl was not satisfied with all what she had learnt and joined the Air Force and studied Applied Science. She also got enrolled at the Observer and Forecaster School in Illinois.

Putting light on her career journey, she started working for The Weather Channel since the early 90’s. She served the channel as a host. Later in the year 1991, she became associated with the TWC with the responsibilities of weather analyst. Her devotion and hard work helped her to gain more success day by day. She had a deep interest in nature and was always curious regarding the mysteries of nature. She was very much interested in finding out the relationship between the phenomena of nature like hurricanes, lightning, tornados and storms. She did vast research which helped her in getting knowledge about various things and helped her in improving her presentation skills and establishing herself as a honored meteorologist in America. Her interest in meteorology aroused as her homeland as hit by F5, one of the biggest tornados of the history.

Talking about her journey from the Air Force to Television world, she worked for the American Air Force for two years. During her service at the Air Force, she was appointed as a forecaster for the southern and tropical hemispheres.  She then became associated with The Weather Channel. During her start at The Weather Channel, she used to work off-screen. Then in 1995, she was appointed as the on-screen meteorologist for the apprentice program. She worked very hard due to which she succeeded in getting the position of supervisor. The lady with exotic personality and well-maintained body has admirable presentation skills. Her perfect body measurements make her look beautiful in whatever she chooses to wear showing off her slender legs. The hot journalist is often seen in designer attires. The lady has attained 47 years of age and still looks elegant and charming. She knows how to behave with others and has won the hearts of several fans around the world.

Digging into her personal life, she is living a prosperous life with her husband Marty Cunningham. After her marriage, she took her husband’s surname and her name changed from Kim Perez to Kim Cunningham. The couple has been blessed with four children.  The husband and wife love each other very much and are very unlikely to get divorced. Her husband proposed her on-screen which was of course a very lovely moment for the lady.

The phenomenal presenter has been honored with several awards for her contributions. She has always worked so hard and tried to give her viewers the exact weather measurements information. The lady was also associated with organizations like NWA and AMS. Cunningham was also given the respect of becoming the co-author of the book entitled You can be a Woman Meteorologist which was actually written to motivate women to be courageous and hard working like her. Her Her life is an inspiration to the women of the world that even women can work under severe conditions and earn name and fame. Her detailed bio can be read at various wiki sites. She can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. Her admirers can follow her for her latest updates.