Kevin Harlan was born on June 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is an American sports announcer who works in the television as well as radio. He is the inheritance of Bob Harlan who is the executive of Green Bay Packers. He is the current host as well as the commentator of NFL and college basketball games. He broadcasts the program on CBS. He has a great place in the commentary position and he also announces the play which telecasts on NBA on TNT. His voice is heard by millions of people as he gives his commentaries on Final Four coverage during the time of 2008. During 2009, he started to lead announce at Westwood One’s Monday Night Football alonside with Jim Nantz, Dick Enberg and Curt Gowdy. This was the time when he called his first super bowl in Super Bowl 45. The listed announcers are the announcers of the play-by-play for the Super Bowl as well as the Final Four. He also accompanies Bob Papa for announcing play by play in order to call the World Bowl as well as the Super Bowl.

His official career began at the time of 1982 when he broadcasted the TV programme as ell as the radio program for the NBA’s Kansas City Kings. He then got the opportunity to announce for the University of Kansas where he went for his higher education. He announced for his alma mater for one year and later  he went to thr NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs from the year 1985 to 1993. He had also spared time for the University of Missouri in order to call the plays of the football and the basketball games. On his professional position he called for NFL football in 1991 which was by done by the NBC. The calling was for ESPN during the time of 1992 and 1993 which was for one year. His other career works were with NFL from Fox which dated from 1994 to 97. Later he started working for CBS in 1998. He had achieved journalism degree in 1982 and took sportscasting classes from the Chiefs and the Super Bowl voice Tom Hedrick. His other notable works are very much available. The voice of the commentator in the NBA 2K video games has been lent by Harlan himself. His voice is familiar to the commentator and the announcer of NBA on TNT, Marv Albert. Marv Albert has given his voice for the EA Sport’s NBA Live series. When Harlan announces the gameplay of NBA he includes some spectacular lines which is his creativity. His comments to the dunk that was performed by LeBron James in 2008 was a massive excitement to the viewers. His one of his comments to the knee injury of Derrick Rose had been taken by Rose’s adidas commercial for their sneaker. The comment stated that “Holding onto his knee. Holding onto his knee down.” He used to give a slick exclamation  “oh baby, what a play!” being the Kansas City Chiefs announcer which had been announced to the touchdown. The comment was stated at Arrowhead Stadium which was the game between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. He comments the players height and weight to others in order to manipulate his announcement, which is a great way of presenting himself.

He respects the American nationality and the playings of the player. Due to his performance he is still one of the publicly accepted announcer at this age. Harlan is also considered as one of the sportscaster whose salary is more than that of a sportsman or an athlete. His net worth has been one of the top in the list of announcers and sportscasters.