An American sports broadcaster, Kelly Tilghman is the first female lead golf announcer. In the field of television reporting she has been famous for her attractive personality and well determined talent. Besides of her successful profession her hot personality is very outstanding and famous among wide range of viewers as her body profile is displayed with slender looking legs on television screen. She is not married to anyone and has no husband till date. As a result she been subjected for various rumors which says she is gay and is seen hanging around with her girlfriends. Hot sexy bikini beauty, Kelly has no any issue regarding to her being pregnant as she is not married yet. She has been making huge money from her field of work and is happy with her independent life. she is also available in Twitter and other social sites to make an ease for her fans and also her biography is found in different sites in the internet.

Born on August 6, 1969 in North Beach, South Carolina, Kelly Tilghman is first golf announcer and also very successful media personality. As for her educational details, she has graduated from Duke University with bachelor in Political Science and History. As soon as she completed her graduation she was associated to her profession line. At the very beginning of her career she used to work and game announcer of PGA. She was appointed as an anchor of the Golf Channel in 2007 and ever since then she has been devoting her excellence to Gold Channel. She is very professional of the matter of her job and fulfills her ever assigned duties and responsibilities on time with great efficiency. Recently she is one of the founding presenters, who have been working since establishment of the channel.

In her initial days as a reporter, she used to work as reporter of live tournaments. Since the day she was connected to Golf Channel, she has been working in various fields and criteria required for her channel. She has successfully served the channel as Co-Host of Golf Central Show. She has been well known for her dynamic talent on the matter of her presentation. She has been well admired at greater extent for her skill and due to which she has been getting paid with huge amount of salary on annual basis from the network she has been working for. Also the channel has no any difficulty on rewarding her with well deserving amount.

Additional to her information, due to her parent’s interests in golf she has played Pro Golf from 1992 to 1996. She has also travelled many countries for her game including Australia, Europe and Asia. She was also a teacher and touring professional for rookies and fresher. In 1990 she has also won Lady Paladin invitational Tourney, which was presented to her by Furman University.

Beyond her successful profession she has interesting personal life as well. There is no further doubt that her personal life detail can get attention of reader for short time. She hasn’t engaged to anyone till the dat, she has been enjoying her independent life at fullest. She hasn’t got anyone as her husband or even boyfriend. It seems she is still in search of her perfect life partner with whom she can share happiness of her life. Although she is happy in her busy life, she has been subjected for various rumors due to her single status. Those rumors have commented on her status as a gay and have also criticized upon her social life saying she likes to hang out with her girlfriends rather any male colleague.

Athletic by nature, she is great personality holder. She has been famous for her sense of dressing and her figure. Her dynamic presentation is further decorated by her awesome outlook. When ever she appears on television screen she is seen in full confidence. During her presentation she represent herself with cheerful attitude and awesome figure profile. Her gorgeous body language along with slender looking legs always add additional feature to her show and her viewers admire her show very much

Apart from her professional life she has managed time for her fans as well. Till the end she has gathered huge mass of people as her fans and now she likes to keep in touch with them all time. To be near her fans she is also available in various social networks such as Facebook and twitter.