Kelly Brianne Clarkson is an American singer and songwriter. She has a great number of diehard fans across the world. She is rocking the universe with the magic of her voice. Despite her interest to be a marine biologist, she has become a great singer after winning the great competition the first season of American Idol in 4 September, 2002. The prize she received was worth a million dollar RCA record contract. She spell bounded the large audiences with the magic of her voice from her first single album ‘A Moment Like This’. This album hit the number one position on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts from the 52 position and broke the record in the chart’s history. In 2002, it became the best-selling single of the year in the country. She has proved herself as an outstanding singer since her debut studio album ‘Thankful’ in 2003 which was sold over 4.5 million copies internationally. Her another single album ‘Miss Independent’ got hit worldwide and nominated for a Grammy Award. This nomination elevated her confidence and encouraged her to do her best. She started thinking to present her great fans something new and she developed a rock oriented album. In 2004 she brought her album ‘Breakway’ that was certified 6x platinum and 12 million copies were sold throughout the world. She has earned two Grammy Awards: one is for ‘Breakway’ and another for the hit single ‘Since U Been Gone’.

This internationally acclaimed vocalist was born on 24 April 1982 in her home town Fort Worth, Texas, USA. She is also called by her nickname Kellbelle. She is 5’3½” tall. Regarding her figure and weight she has her own positive comment. She says that she is an extremist. She loves her physique very much. She is completely comfortable with it. She opines artists don’t have a problem with their figure and weight but it’s the people who feels problem with the artists figure. Regarding her relationship comments she answers that whether she is in a relationship or not, she frankly discloses it and proves herself as honest about it. In December 2012, Clarkson pronounced via Twitter her engagement to Brandon Blackstock. She happily cried “I wanted y'all to know!! Happiest night of my life last night! I am so lucky and am with the greatest man ever." Jeanne Ann Clarkson and Joseph Clarkson are Kelly’s mother and father. Her mother by profession was a first-grade English teacher and father was a former engineer. Her mother is a successor of Republican senator Isaish Rose. It’s her dark part of life that her parents divorced when she was just six. Her brother, Jason, lived with father, her sister, Alyssa, lived with an aunt and she lived with her mother. Her mother, later, married to Jimmy Taylor.

When she was studying in seventh grade at Pauline Hughes Middle School her school teacher overheard her singing and fell in love with her voice. She heartily encouraged her to pursue her career in musical field. She encouraged her to participate in an audition for the school choir. In 2000, Clarkson accumulated knowledge from Burleson High School that is located in Texas. There she used to perform in many musical programs which hone her artistic talents within her. She also received warm inspirational words from one of her dear audiences that she has got a beautiful voice from the God as a gift and so she has to rock the world, she is destined to sing. On the completion of her graduation she went to dream land, Los Angeles, to hunt a musical platform. There she did few television series and shortly worked with musician Gerry Gofffin. She lacked cherished opportunities there. Unfortunately, she had bitter experience of a fire incident in her apartment which led her to Burleson. There she rendered her service in Movie Theater. She conjointly worked in an exceedingly comedy club in city Texas and at Hyena’s Comedy Club in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas as a cocktail waitress. She also got an opportunity from an energy drink company to promote Red Bull Energy Drinks. 

In 2002, her stars started twinkling in the sky of her life. It is rumored that Kelly Clarkson has a boyfriend and is pregnant but it has not been  That year, one of her friends suggested her to check her luck on a talent search show on Fox called American Idol. She made morning of her every night waking up before her “American Idol” 2002 audition. She put her life on it. She overcame all obstacles one after another and finally she won the first ‘American Idol’ title on September 4, 2002 out of 10,000 contestants. Her biography shows that she has a very exciting career ahead and it is often the viewers interest to find about her feet, boyfriend, wiki. The Wikipedia even shows her information. Her viewers can follow her in twitter and facebook.