Kelly Cass is a notable Amercian television meteorologist who has been honored with many awards and accreditation. Since she was a child she had been fascinated by weather which eventually lead her to be a pioneer in the field of Meteorology. Currently she is serving as the camera meteorologist at the weather channel.

Kelly Cass was born in 27th November 1973 in Poughkeepsie, New York. She belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. Kelly’s interest in weather was deep-rooted in her childhood. She was curious and passionate to know about the changing phenomenon of weather. She completed her A.S in communication from Dutchess community college.  Kelly joined the Adelphi University where she did her B. A in communication. While she was in college she intended to focus on TV journalism. So  Kelly attended Mississippi university from where she received a degree in broadcast meteorology.

Kelly embarked on her career as a WTZA-TV producer. Afterward she started to anchor the news program as to whether. At the moment she is contributing as the camera meteorologist for the weather channel. Prior to joining the weather channel Kelly used to anchor the weather news on WRGB-TV. There she was assigned a duty as a morning weekday meteorologist. She contributed for seven years in WRGB-TV, Schecectady, New York. Apart from weather reporting in WRGB-TV she also did some field reporting relating to family and kids story. In 1993 Kelly covered a storm with widespread snowfall for which she was honored with New York state broadcasting award. In December 199 she departed from WRGB-TV to join the weather channel. Formerly Kelly had also served at WTZA (which is now RNN). There she used to broadcast weather news. She remained in WTZA for two years (from 1990-1992).

Currently Kelly is associated with weather channel where she has already spent more than 13 years. Earlier she had jointly hosted the weekend morning show in weather channel along with Bill Keneely. Subsequently she was shifted to weekend evening program. Her style of conducting program is marked by dissimilarity than other news anchor. Kelly does not prefer using script. She applies maps and videos while providing commentary about the weather. At the weather channel she is assigned time slot of 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM respectively. During her appearance in the show, she gives a briefing of weather  in a very effective manner. Her show has a large number of viewers all across the United States. The viewers always like to catch her during her show. Kelly has stated that her favorite weather phenomenon is ‘lake effect snow’. Aside from being a successful weather news anchor Kelly is also a cooperative and helpful person. She gives valuable suggestion to many students. Kelly explains the student about the value of gaining supervised practical experience. She advises students to take intern as far as possible.

Beside her professional life, Kelly is fond of sports. In her spare time she prefers playing soccer with her children. She is also interested in playing tennis and softball. Not only she is a proficient journalist, she is also a great mother. Kelly values very highly to fulfill her responsibility towards her family. Kelly loves nature and she likes to visit different places for entertainment.

A gorgeous blonde is running at the age of 39. Kelly is married and she is the mother of three children. She appears very attractive in photographs. For sure many audience fantasizes about her. Kelly stands five feet and 8 inches tall with with bosomy figure. Kelly possesses the strong sexual appeal. The hot buxom exposes her stunning pair of legs while conducting  her show. Kelly has earned a large number of admirers. She keeps in touch with her fan through social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. She gets paid a handsome amount of salary. Her biography can also be obtained from the official site of the weather channel. However her biography is not given in Wikipedia. It may be because perhaps she prefers to keep her private life in low profile. Currently she lives in New York with her family.