Kate Middleton is a wife of a Prince William holding ducal title in her own right. Kate is also widely known by another name Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. She was born on January 9, 1982, at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, the first child of the British couple Carole and Michael Middleton. Her mother Carole used to work as a flight attendant whereas her father by profession was a flight dispatcher. In a preceding time Kate’s father had also served as a flight attendant. Kate has two younger siblings, Philippa and James. During 1984, her family shifted to Jordan while her father was in British Airways service. Remaining there for two years, finally they returned to their homeland in West Berkshire, United Kingdom. Kate’s ancestor did not belong to privileged class holding hereditary titles. They were simply a member of social class who used to do manual labor for wages. But it was Kate’s maternal grandmother Dorothy Goldsmith, who picked up the gauntlet to ameliorate the financial situation in the long term. Eventually, Kate’s family has moved forward by leaps and bounds economically.

About her early education, in 1986 after her family got back to West Berkshire, Kate was enrolled in St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne where she studied for almost eight years. By then she attended Marlborough College Wiltshire, an A-Level College, where she showed a great interest in studying Biology, Chemistry and Art. Except from her academic study, she also excelled in numerous sports and participated in many athletic contests such as hockey, tennis and netball. While in her college days she exerts herself continuously, vigorously and obtrusively to gain and end. Since from her early youth, Kate was eagerly desirous of achieving success, power and specific goals. At the completion of her high school graduation in 2001 she was accepted at the University of Saint Andrews in Fife, Scotland and remained there until 2005. She collected her bachelor degree in the history of Art. During her time at University, she had unexpectedly met Prince William of Wales. It was a moment when a profoundly tender, passionate affection started to grow between them. She embarked in the glamour world after the completion of her study. Kate outshone as an outstanding model in the fashion world and always distinguished herself from others in excellence. In 2006, The Daily Telegraph picked out her as the ‘Most Promising Newcomers’. Furthermore in 2007 she was also included in the top ten style icons list by Tatler. Her pictures are featured in many popular news magazines. In 2010, People magazine included her in the best dressed list. Additionally she was also included in the international best dressed list in Vanity Fair magazine. Apart from that Kate is also seen in many exclusive fashion shows. She has stood as a role model for countless women by establishing a new trend in the fashion industry. Her dressing style which she displays in an ostentatious manner has emerged as a popular trend among the youth of this generation. Since she got into a modeling career, fortune has always favored her. She has accumulated a great amount from her modeling career. Kate possesses an estimated net worth of $ 1 million.

Talking about Kate’s private life, it was her secret affair with Prince William which brought her much attention. Although the seed of love in their heart was implanted during their college days but it was only in 2003 that the couple were formally in a relationship. For a long time the media houses were completely unaware of their relationship but in 2004 the paparazzi saw her with the royal family. By then her private life became the matter of close scrutiny. For a sometime there were also many nasty rumors regarding their affair and it became difficult to get the correct information and hoaxes of all sorts filled the air. There was also some pressure to Prince William from royal family the reason might be because Kate was not from aristocrat family. Eventually, Prince William and Kate split up in April 2007. After some time Kate Middleton and Prince William patched up and ultimately in October 2010 they were engaged. On April 29, 2011, the couple got married in Westminster Abbey. In July, 22, 2013, Middleton gave birth to a child who was named George Alexander Louis. Today it seems that the couple is the icon of marital bliss for their era.

In her life Kate is honored with many awards. She is voted as one of the 100 most influential people. There is also a very interesting fact about her; Kate is considered as the first wife of a monarch who has a reputation of University graduate. Her biographical and professional information can also be obtained via Wiki and other sites relating to her.