The saying ‘true beauty lies within oneself ‘ actually made more sense when I gathered the information of the supermodel karolina kurkova who got onto the ramp for Victoria’s secret fashion show and appeared in vogue magazine was married to Archie Drury having one son named Tobin jack Drury.

Karolina kukova’s quote “I am who I am, and I don’t want to be somebody else. Mother Nature made me the way I am, and I should be happy.” The inspirational speak of the mesmerizing model karolina kukova was born on February 28, 1984 in decin, Czechoslovakia, to Josef kurka, a Czech basketball player, and a Slovak mother of which she had a slight taste of what celebrity would be like. During the child period she was teased by her friends because of her height but that all change with the age.

The golden hair goddess always seems to have impressed the viewers as she is able to translate her fun personality into each photo shoot. This appealing nature of her made everyone compliment about her assets just as staring at her one of the Victoria’s secret lingerie outfits. She put up the customs so comfortably and maintained her charm so well that she became a brand and ranked in the world “50 most beautiful people”.  A fifteen year old beauty didn’t had the easy way out towards making a successful career as at beginning her beauty was recognized by her close friend who send her photos to one of the leading agencies in Prague.  As being a Czech model she still was not being recognized and did not had the knowledge what fashion was really about though she appeared in small commercial ads and photo shoot. So she took the chance and flew off to Milan to gain some more experience.

Karolina set an example to those sections of people who were not to fashion conscious after she set the ramp on fire with her extremely appealing catwalk in November 2001 Victoria’s secret fashion show on ABC also had many exposure in same show on same year as this young girl received the status of “Model of the Year” at the age of eighteen. Kurkova attracted large mass of audience featuring in the vogue cover magazines all over the Europe as she was already well acclaim supermodel in her native land Czech republic. Verifying her talent and glamour an American vogue magazine titled her as “very hot” making a brand status renounced to the world.

One of the youngest model ever graced in covers reached to the height of stardom as her career took a slight turn with dealing the contract and moving to Big Apple  and printing campaigns to Tommy, Valentino helped her to expose more . Then after the fashion house like Yves Saint Laurent felt the value of such extreme beauty and signed off deals with her. As the time passed by, her intense and energetic looks is being furnished day by day, this described her personality in the fashion world. The attractive attitude is still being applauded as her name could suggest as a legendary supermodel.

Kurkova’s lavishing attitude could not just block the inner soft core which she always had for the children which paid off for her duties after she received an award from non-profit organization “the women together” for her humanitarian work on march 2006 for taking actively the welfare of children such as “Beautiful Fund” and “Free art”. Her personal life was also fluently cheerful as in July 2009 she announced she was expecting her first child from her fiancé Archie Drury. Drury proposed her while she was in Cape Town and got married before the birth of their child Tobin Jack Drury.

Complimenting the color of her eyes – sparkling blue – always made the viewers eye twinkled as we went through the dreams, fond memories and fascinating journey of karolina kurkova as she has been living the life of true supermodel, with magazines and runway appearance aplenty. More of her bio , pictures , videos can be fetch from wiki or other social medias.