A sizzling American model, actress and comedian, ‘Kali Hawk’ was born on 4th October, 1986 in Manhattan, United States. This beautiful actress came to prominence with the role of Shelby in ‘New Girl’ and Trudy in ‘Couples Retreat’. Kali carries mixed ancestry of African-American and German Jewish ancestry. Hawk is very known and on-demand model and actress of the recent time. She was born and raised in Manhattan. Her father has a profession of trading and merchandising and mother is a buyer of Bollmingdale’s. Since her childhood, she had a dream of becoming a renowned model and actress. To pursue her dream, she started to prepare to carry her dream on reality. At the age of 12, she joined high school and studied at New York Arts University at the age of 16.

Hawk, undoubtedly has an unbelievable talent with the gorgeous looks and stunning body. Her professional expedition of modeling started when she met a friend’s agent who offered her to be a part of commercials. She used to frequently take part in various plays that organized in the college. Considering her bold figure and brilliant performances, she was approached to play for the several music videos. Her first appearance as a model in various advertisements and music videos made her notice to all the viewers and known producers. As a result, she started to get offers for various music videos and commercials. However, just advertisements and commercials was not her career dream. She wanted to become one of the top model and actresses of the entertainment world. With her superb figure and bold appearance, she was able to attract other modeling companies to approach her. She started to appear on the magazine covers of various modeling companies. As so far, she has appeared as a model for MTV Europe, Clorox 2 and KFC. Besides this, she also became a part of several music videos for Usher, T.T, rock band Korn, Usher and Norah Jones. Kali was not blessed with the beautiful body unless she also has humor nature and exceptional acting ability.

As an actress, she made her appearance first time on Lion’s Gate thriller ‘Holla’. She was appreciated for her effort to portray the character of in the movie. Then she appeared in the Killer Sound, Pushing Thirty and Couples Retreat. Kali was successful to remain her positive mark with her brilliant performances in the movies. After her successful career journey, she has appeared in dozens of movies. However, her movies didn’t get expected success but was successful to gain her much needed recognition in the entertainment industry. Kali showed her perfect comic timing in the comedy movie ‘Get Him to the Greek’ which made her to establish as comic actress. Later she was seen in the movies like ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Answers to Nothing’, ‘Answer This!’ and ‘Tyler Perry Presents Peeples’. Most recently, she was casted in the ‘In Living Colour’. Hawk became all-time favorite with the role of Shelby in ‘New Girl’.s

This gorgeous model and actress kept her personal life secret from the public and media. But it is confirmed news that she has not got married to anyone yet. As she is just 27 years old, she might want to focus on her career rather than getting busy on her personal life. Kali might have dated many of boys but she has not revealed any information about it. Anyone would fall in love with this beautiful model. However, all the information about her personal life is kept secret among the media and to her fans. More information about this stunning model and actress can be extracted from the wiki and other internet sites. Her fans can also follow her on [email protected]