Julie Suzanne Chen Moonves was born on January 6, 1970 in Queens, New York. She is well known by her professional name of Julie Chen. She is an American nationality holder and TV personality, news anchor and producer for CBS by profession. Famous lady television personality has net worth of $8 million on according to current estimation. By age, 44 years old Chen is hot sexy lady with perfect height and slender legs along with beautiful feet has perfect shape of body when exposed in bikini outfit. She has also gone through plastic surgery to give Asian look to her eyes. As for her bio, she is married to her husband Leslie Moonves and by 2013 she was pregnant by her second child.

Julie Chen was born in Queens, New York. Her mother is Wan Ling Chen belongs to Burmese Chinese. By the origin she is American Chinese woman with small eyes which shows she is cross of American and Chinese families. Chen attended Junior High School in 1984 in the Whitestone area of Queens. She has also graduated from high school in 1987 from St. Francis Preparatory School.

Her career job started on 1990 from interning at CBS Morning News with Andy Cohen. While she was still in her high school she had worked for ABC NewsOne for one season as a desk assistant. Due to her affection towards her workspace within 3 years of duration she got promoted to the post of producer for further 3 years. In the same year she had travelled to Dayton, Ohio to work as a news anchor for WDTN-TV. From 1999 to 2002 she was the anchor for CBS Morning News and CBS This Morning and later her another show was The Early Show. After that from 2002 to 2010 she was a co-host for the The Early Show on CBS.

Since 2000, she has been working as the host of the American version of Big Brother. During it’s first season she had to face wide volume of criticism for her heavily scripted and wooden delivery in her interaction with the studio audience. After those shots of criticisms she had gained name of Chenbot. Despite of those strong criticisms over her profession and ability she didn’t get weak but instead of it she stood strong in her work afterwards and earn huge applause on the behalf of her previous failure.

Talking about her personal profile, she is 44 years old but still looks beautiful same as she was in her early young age. She has maintained her personality with great care due to which she still looks smart and confident on her, self potential as an anchor. Due to being Chinese by origin she had small eye, so to give an Asian look to her face she had gone through plastic surgery of her eye. After the surgery her hidden beauty has bloomed more than ever. Now days she looks pretty good lady with marvelous body, slim height, beautiful legs and charming smile.

Talking about her status now, she is happily married to her husband Leslie Moonves. Before she met her husband she had relation with television news editor Gary Donahue. But she focused on her career rather than thinking about her personal life. later she met to Leslie Moonves, president and chief executive officer of CBS Television and began dating him. On December 23, 2004 the couple decided to marry in a private ceremony attended by friends and family at a private home in Acapulco, Mexico. The couple has been blessed by two children and is sharing happy moments of together till the end. There is no any sign of getting divorce in upcoming years.

Very hard working TV personality Chen has been making quite enough money from her network and probably she is one of the richest TV anchor to have net worth of $8 million. She is also available in twitter and other social medias in order to get in touch with her fans who have been praising her since the long time.