Juan Williams is a renowned journalist as well as a political analyst who is working for the Fox News Channel. He also serves the columns of various newspapers such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. His articles have been the part of magazines like Time and The Atlantic Monthly. The hard working man was sent to the earth on April 10, 1954 in Colon, Panama. He is a follower of Roman Catholic religion. He completed his graduation from the Haverford College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy in the year 1976.

Putting light on his career journey, he has worked for various organizations in his career. At the start when his write was published on The Washington Post which consisted his words defending Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court nominee, he had to bear claims form many females that he has used words which has harassed them. He had to again publish an apology for his words. In the year 2000, he became associated with the National Public Radio as an anchor for the show Talk of the nation. He worked on the radio as the senior national contributor. But the hard working man again faced a controversy when he passed his comments on January 6, 2009 on the show O’Reilly Factor. NPR asked the Fox News to not to include Williams in their show. The following year, NPR ended their contract with him in the month of October. He was fired from the radio though he had served the station very well.

Williams has served the Fox News since 1997. He has been seen on shows like FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Special Report with Bret Baier. He has also appeared regularly on the show The Five and O’Reilly Factor. When he was terminated from NPR, Fox News put forward to him a three year contract of worth $2 million and increased his responsibilities towards the channel and also made him the regular guest-anchor for the show The O’Reilly Factor for its Friday broadcasts.

The versatile man has even written documentaries as well. His has even won an Emmy Award for his contributions in TV documentary. His documentaries include, A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom, Civil Rights and The Press, Riot to Recovery, and others. He has also contributed the literature world with his beautiful creations. He has published books like Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil rights Years, 1954-65 (1998) and This Far by Faith (2003) and others.

Moving into his personal life, he has been married to Susan Delise since 1978. The couple is the parents of three children, including one daughter, Rae and two sons, Antonio. His wife and children are very supportive and has always helped him in each step of his life. Both of his sons are also graduates of the Haverford College. He has also been blessed with two beautiful twin granddaughters, Wesley and Pepper. According to the sources, he is a cancer survivor but not much has been talked about what kind of cancer it was and his battle with the cancer. At the start of 2014, he has a net worth of more than $2 million and he is getting a huge salary for his current service as well.

Williams is a laborious and determined man. He faced many controversies in his career but always walked on the path of truth. He also earned the praise and support of his followers. His life is an inspiration to the world that we may face difficulties in life but we should always work honestly. His detailed bio can be found on various wiki sites. He is also active on Facebook and Twitter.