Triggering millions with anthemic I’m Not Racist video ft. Ralph Weah and Maxx Forman, and hopping into Eminem’s single, Lucky You, 2018 was a crazy year for Joyner Lucas. Born on August 17, 1988, Joyner earned early success after the release of his single, Ross Capicchioni in 2015. 

He raps “All my life I want a Grammy, but I’ll probably never get it,” on Lucky You, the track from Eminem’s tenth studio album, Kamikaze. But, that could change in February. He has earned two Grammy Awards nomination in two categories: Best Rap Video for I’m Not Racist and Best Rap Song for Lucky You. Here’s what you need to know about the potential Grammy winner.

Tough Childhood

Joyner Lucas wearing gold chains on his neck and a pink t-shirt

Born to Annie Jones and Mike Jones, Joyner announced about his debut studio album, ADHD on Instagram with a lengthy caption elaborating his childhood. He shared how he spent childhood with people around him making him feel like he “wasn’t normal,” but an “inmate,” throughout middle and high school. He chose music as an escape route where he could express himself and make people listen to what he wanted to say. P.S. The kid with “ADHD” did it.

A Part of Eminem’s Legacy

Joyner Lucas standing alongside Eminem

Keeping his name on people’s playlist, Joyner has been steadily making waves in the industry. Alike many rappers, who look up to Eminem as an inspiration, Joyner is no exception. In 2016, he discovered that Eminem knows him, which, in a way, rocked his psyche. For the last few years, the Worcester singer has been on Slim Shady’s radar and in 2018, he became a part of his legacy.

Future of Joyner

Young Joyner Lucas in a record studio

Born as Gary Maurice Lucas, Jr., the 30-year-old got into music at the very young age. Starting out rapping in house parties and all, he started recording under the name G-Storm. Later, he went by the name Future Lucas but dropped Future after rapper Future came to prominence. Since then, he has been continuing as Joyner Lucas. He was signed to Atlantic Records for more than two years until December 2016. So, what the future holds for Joyner? As per his post, he will go independent, but his fans think he might join Eminem’s record label.

Beef with Tory Lanez

Joyner Lucas (right) and Tory Lanez (left)

Joyner’s beef with Tory Lanez garnered enough attention from the hip-hop community, which started after Tory claimed Lucas was not his level during an Instagram Live session on Nov 19. Joyner promptly challenged Tory to a rap battle and Tory initiated with his Lucky You freestyle. Joyner later followed with his freestyle over Litty, a song by Meek Mill ft. Tory Lanez.

During a night performance at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre in November 2018, Tory announced the end of the lyrical war after Lanez got convinced he’s already won.

That Joyner Lucas kid: I want to offer this moment right now to give him a good moment of silence. Rest in peace because today his career is over. Joyner Lucas, we killed you. It’s done.

Over the course of several days, the rapper released a series of diss records, the last of which was Joyner’s Zeze Freestyle.

Happy Birthday!

Joyner Lucas carrying his son on his shoulder

Joyner has been quite upfront about his working lives on his social media, but his personal life has been in the murky water. Joyner is not married so far and hasn’t been open about his relationship as well, but he is a father to a son (born in Feb 2016). Prior to welcoming his son, he released a song titled Happy Birthday, which shows a vivid picture of a man struggling with the fact that he has a newborn child. He often shares snaps with his young one and his love for his son is quite vivid on his social media posts.