Jonas Max Ferris is a renowned investment advisor, economist, producer and television personality. He was born in the year 1971 and celebrates his birthday every year on September 13. He is an economist analyst and appears regularly as a panelist on the stocks and investment news program called Cashin' for In Fox Business' Channel. He joined Fox Business Network (FBN) in the year 2002 as a panelist on the stocks investment/news program Cashin' In. Besides that, he is also the founder and editor of the website which offers financial advice and services to consumers. In addition to that, Jonas regularly posts financial advice articles on the Fox Business News (FBC), websites, and New York Post.

He is a native of Southfield, Massachusetts, United States as he was born and spent most of his early life there. His parents were artists. Besides that, there is not much information on how he was raised, his childhood and early life. Similarly, there is little or no information about his educational background. Ferris started his career in 1993. He has also worked as a producer and is known for programs such as Cavuto on Business (2000) for the segment Biz Blitz, Bulls & Bears (2000) as a panelist and The Willis Report (2011) as a co-founder of MaxFunds and a panelist. He has also appeared on Money with Melissa Francis (2013) and Your World with Neil Cavuto (2006).

About his personal life, his wife is Dagen McDowell. She is an anchor for Fox Business. He met his future wife on during a television segment of the Fox News Channel show Cashin’ In where they had to talk about mutual funds. They have been married for a long time now and are still pretty much in love and enjoying their married life. He is the second husband of Dagen McDowell. From the looks of it, divorce is out of question. The couple does not have children yet and instead have adopted a Chihuahua named Ramon. Jonas has found the perfect balance between his professional and personal life and has proven to be a good husband over the years. During an interview his wife McDowell revealed that they usually talk about home prices, investments, borrowing, spending and economics all the time, other than Ramon. In his career spanning just over a decade, Ferris started from the bottom and paved a way to the top. His hard work and dedication has not only made him famous but also fortunate. He has worked hard to establish himself as one of the economists in the nation. By now, he has accumulated a good sum of money and made a millionaire out of himself. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million dollars, as of the start of 2014. He certainly receives a handsome salary from the Fox Network for his excellent work but his exact salary has been kept hidden and has not been disclosed yet by any major sites. However, it is not very hard to guess that the amount is lucratively high. He earns most of his income from his television appearances and his work as an economist and investment advisor.

Jonas has a good height and a balancing weight which matches his charming personality quite well. He has reached the age of 42 and is still keeping up his good work. He has been quite popular among the investment community and has earned numerous fans and followers. He is quite popular on social media site like Facebook and Twitter and keeps updating his accounts on both sites frequently posting important financial news events and sometimes about his personal life as well. More information on him is can be found in his biography on Wikipedia and other sites in the internet.