John H. Schnatter known as John Schnatter is American origin businessman who is also the Founder, Owner, Spokesperson CEO of Papa John’s Pizza launching the company in the year 1984. He got the name right for his pizza company after paying 5 million to University of Louisville’s football team who used the name Papa John’s Cardinal stadium for their university stadium. In addition to this, he has helped the university stadium and has paid more money to own the right till the year 2040. Till the date he can use the name officially for his pizza company. Apart from this he has made contribution of millions of dollar for the glacier expansion project of Louisville Zoo.

He also has helped and donated to make Bike Roads and his bakery product store Calistoga Bakery also sponsors a bike team. Also in 2009 he worked as honorary chair of the ride to conquer cancer in which he helped and donated which was beneficial for Louisville’s Norton Cancer institute which works for cancer treatment and research. He when founded the Papa John’s pizza he used the left fund which was half used for his father business and the fund was raised by selling his car Chevrolet Camaro in the year 1983.

Later due to the love for his car he again announced to give reward to find the car and the reward price was of 250000 dollar and fortunately he got his Chevrolet Camaro back in 2009 and as promised he paid the amount and also in the celebration the papa John’s pizza gave free pizzas to people who owned Camaro.  His love for the car and the memories with the car can be felt as the car still today can be seen in the display of company’s headquarter in Louisville Kentucky. And the company has many duplicates and replicates of the cars that are seen in tours done by papa john’s pizza company and even in public TV programs.

Later the company and john Schnatter himself had to face criticism due to the words about Affordable Care Acts which was a class based on entrepreneurship. His has done an adorable work as he has given cent percent health coverage facility to all his office employees from the establishment of the company and addition to this he also presented a fund raising program at his home town for the president election candidate Mitt Romney who is from Republican party in the year 2012. Due to his work and service to community and different charity he has been honored with different titles as he is U.S business hall of famer for junior category business man in 2007, he has been in the name list of top ten Young American business man in 2000 and the list was made by National Jaycees Organization. In addition to this he was named as the Entrepreneur of the year in 1998 and is also the hall of famer of Kentucky Entrepreneur hall of famer in 2010 and also is the honored for the initiative he does for Alpha Tau Omega in 2012. Apart from this he has been awarded by many of the charities and funds. He is also one of the donors who donate his huge amount fortune every year to the needy one and charity working in different cause. And recently he told he is forced to raise the price of his pizza by 14 cent due to the re-election of Barak Obama due to the franchise charged by Obama care of extra 8 million dollar.

Talking about his personal life, he has lavish houses and property land having swimming pool, golf course and lives a luxurious life in his 40000 square foot castle which has the value 7 million dollars. He his is married to Annette and his wife, two daughters and one son live in the house as happy family. And till today there is no any rumor about the dispute which leads to divorce. His salary of 714000 dollar and his hard work led him to have the net worth of 600 million dollars. There are rumor about his religion as some say he is Jewish but actual news is not found till date. More of the information about him and his biography can be found in wiki and in other official website.