John Candy is one of the famous Canadian and comedian actor. He is one of the versatile and flexible actor. His born name is John Franklin Candy. He was born in 1950, October 31. He was born in the famous place of Canada name Ontario. His birth place name is New mart. He was a brilliant actor. He was active in his profession since 1969 to 1994. He married to Rosemary Margaret Hobor. They have two children name Jennifer Candy and Christopher candy. Jennifer was born in February 3, 1980. She is also a Canadian-American producer and an actress. John Franklin Candy has undergraduate from Centennial College and studied his higher education from McMaster University. His father name is Sidney James Candy and his mother name is Evangelina Candy. He belongs to the Roman Catholic family. His Maternal grandparents were Jozefa Aker and Frank Aker.

John Candy is one of the famous comedian who was strongly build up. He had strongly built up. He had brown hair. He was of 6 feet 2 inch height. He has white complexion of face. He has the ethnicity polish and Scottish. He has black color eye. He had the hobby of playing football. He was a smart and talented comedian actor who gave his whole life to the film industry.


John Candy is a hardworking and laborious man. He start his career in 1973 from the film Class of ’44. In this film, he has a small role. In the beginning of his career, he has done small and low budget film like The silent partner. Then in 1976, he get the opportunity to play the supporting role in the television 90 minutes live. By this, he gets some popularity and then after he joined Toronto-based comedy variety show. The show was Second city television. He won the Emmy Awards in 1981 and 1982 for the best show’s writing. He has done many films like Class of ’44 in 1973, It seemed like a good idea at the time in 1975, Tunnel vision, The clown murders and Find the lady on 1976. The silent partner on 1978, Lost and found and 1941 in 1979, Deadly companion and Blues brother on 1980, Stripes an Heavy metal on 1981, It Came from Hollywood in 1982, National Lampoon's Vacation and Going Berserk in 1983, Splash in 1984, Brewster's Millions in 1985, Spaceballs in1986, Planes, Trains and Automobiles in 1987, She's Having a Baby in 1988, Who's Harry Crumb? In 1989, The Rescuers Down Under in 1990, Only the Lonely in 1991, Boris and Natasha: The Movie in1992, Rookie of the Year in 1993, Wagons East! In 1994, Canadian Bacon in 1995, The Magic 7 in 2009. He also appears in many television series like Cucumber, The ABC Afternoon Playbreak, 90 Minutes Live, Coming Up Rosie, Second City TV, King of Kensington, Big City Comedy, Saturday Night Live, SCTV Network 90, SCTV Channel, The New Show, Martin Short: Concert for the North Americas, Really Weird Tales, Camp Candy, Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories, Hostage for a Day, The Rocket Boy etc. He was a friendly man. He has a friendly relation with his co-star and his crew members. He never got angry. He has a smiley face.

John Candy is a decent and kind hearted person. He was died because of heart attack. He died on March 4, 1994. That was the worst day of the Canadian film industry. They lose the precious and talented comedian actor. In that day, he has called his co-star in the hotel after taking a late dinner. Many of his fan and followers show their sympathy to his family. He is still in the heart of many of his fans. His acting career was so amazing. His bio can also obtained from wiki and other web pages.