Joseph Paul Zimmerman is an American actor and musician by his major profession till the date. Most of the time, he has been credited as Joey Zimmerman, Joseph Zimmerman, J. Paul Zimmerman and J.P. Zimmerman. He has been famous in the field which he had chosen long ago as her profession. Till the date his well detailed information has not yet disclosed in any sites in full form as a result his fans and followers have to wait little longer to know about him in detail.

Talking about his previous life, Joseph was born on June 10th, 1986 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. as Joseph Paul Zimmerman to Kat and Harry Zimmerman, a Los Angeles-based actor. Sadly his parents got divorced when he was very young and so currently he lives with his mother. He belongs to Jewish Descent. From a young age, Joey has been showing a keen interest in acting, something he inherited from his father. He made his debut aged six in the film Jack Reed: Badge of Honor (1993). During his career journey his big break came a year later in 1994 when he played the youngest son of Jamie Lee Curtis in psychological thriller Mother's Boys (1994).

Since he got linked to his profession, Joey has been enjoying a steady stream of jobs to notch up his acting resume. As his contribution to his skill, he has played major roles in two TV series like Ulysses Adair in the science-fiction show Earth 2 (1994) when he was eight years old then, at the age eleven, he had a regular role in the children's comedy Bailey Kipper's P.O.V. (1996) as Eric Kipper. One of his biggest roles to date is Treehouse Hostage (1999) in which he starred with Jim Varney as well as Dylan Piper in the Halloweentown (1998) films. He has successfully acted as Dylan Piper in the Halloweentown movies on Disney Channel. Additional to it, he has also played a young Hyde in season 3, episode one of That 70’s Show. He has been collecting huge mass of fans on every succeeding days of his career.

Talking about his personal life details, he has been very confidential personality as like other screen celebrities. He has never found willing to share his personal profile with media which has been praising his skills from a long time. But due to demand of his fans and followers, every single day media has been trying its best to get information from him and show to his fans.

According to some sources, he likes to enjoy fencing and challenging Clancy Brown, a co-star from Earth 2. He had met him at the Earth 2 convention. Although he loved fencing but it quickly turned into writing and by the present time, he has already written a short sketch which was performed on stage. He is also known for being a friend of actor Miko Hughes.

Now talking about his social links for help to his fans, he has been linked to many sites. He always is in wait for positive response from his fans and followers. As he knows their response is always helpful to him. Although many information about him is still missing from his side but, his fans can easily get to know him in personal via those sites. Till the date he has been linked to twitter, facebook. So, there he has been updating much information about himself.

Very hard working actor and singer as well as writer, Joseph is totally concentrated to his career buildup mission. So, any single positive feedback from his wellwisher can help him a lot. Though he hasn’t won any awards but the way he has dedicated himself has perfect direction to his success in coming future.