An exceptionally talented American actor, Joseph Thomas Morton, Jr. professionally known as “Joe Morton” is best recognized for playing the role of Mike James in the television legal drama series ‘Equal Justice’. The talented actor was born on 18th October, 1947 in The Bronx, New York, U.S. His father, Joseph Thomas Morton, Sr. was an Army intelligence officer. He spent most of his childhood in Okinawa and West Germany. Morton completed his graduation from the ‘Hofstra University’. Initially, he started his acting career from appearing in Broadway ‘Hair’. Then he appeared in musical theatre ‘Raisin’ for which earned a nomination in Tony Award.

Joseph made his television debut from appearing in the television series ‘Mission: Impossible’. Then he appeared in the American soap opera ‘Search for Tomorrow’. After making appearances in various television series like ‘Sanford and Son’, ‘Grady’, ‘M*A*S*H’, ‘What’s Happening!!’, ‘Between the Lines’, ‘Watch Your Mouth’, ‘Curse of the Pink Panther’, ‘The Brother from Another Planet’, ‘Miami Vice’, ‘The Good Mother’ and ‘Challenger’, he got finally his breakthrough role in the television series ‘Equal Justice’. His phenomenal performance as Mike James gained huge popularity and positive response. After getting success from appearing in the television series, he was casted in the action thriller movie ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’. His exceptional performance as Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson made him more popular. Then he continued to show his brilliant performances in the movies like ‘Of Mice and Men’, ‘Spice’, ‘Inkwell’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Lone Star’, ‘The Pest’, ‘The Trouble on the Corner’,’ Apt Pupil’, ‘The Astronaut’s Wife’, ‘Ali: An American Hero’, ‘Paycheck’, ‘Lenny the Wonder Dog’, ‘American Gangster’, ‘La Linea’, ‘White Collar’ and ‘Coma’. He has also shown his versatile acting performances in the television series ‘Mercy Point’, ‘The X-Files’, ‘Smallville’, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’, ‘CSI: NY’, ‘E-Ring’, ‘Eureka’ and ‘The Good Wife’. Through his exceptional performances in the various movies and television series, he has achieved a lot of appreciation and recognition. Currently, he is portraying the role of Rowan Pope in the drama series ‘Scandal’.

Significance to his personal life biography, the versatile actor is a married man. he got married to the production designer of the movie ‘The Brother from Another Planet’, Nora Chavooshian in October 1984. From being in a marital relation with the wife, Nora he is blessed with three children named ‘Hopi’, ‘Seta’ and ‘Ara’. He also has a grandson named Moses. He is maintaining personal life in well balancing way like his successful acting career.

The extremely talented actor, Joseph has a great attractive personality. He stands with an exemplified height of 5 feet 9 inches. His magnetic personality has been successful to attract all the audiences to towards his movies. He has a great physique and brown-dark colored hair. Whenever he made his appearances in the movies and television series, he grabbed the attention of the viewers with his exceptional acting performances and perfect dialogue delivery.

Through his phenomenal performances in the various movies and television series, he gained huge fame and success. It’s his true dedication and hard toward his work which gained him huge popularity. He has set his own trademark style of his acting. He has gained both recognition and rewards from his acting career. At the start of 2014, he has accumulated total net worth amount of $4 million from his acting career. It is a big achievement for everyone to make his recognizable in the movie world. He has been inspiration to all the young actors who want to make their career in acting. More about this versatile actor can be gathered from the wiki and reading his brief bio on IMDb. His fans can also follow him on his twitter account @JOEthe MORTON.