Joan Lunden, originally Joan Elise Blunden was born on September 19, 1950. Joan Lunedn was born in Fair Oaks, California to parents Gladyce Lorraine and Erle Murray Blunden. Joan’s father by profession was a physician. Unfortunately her father died when she was only thirteen years old.

On the completion of her high school graduation, Lunden was enrolled in a Sacramento State University where she took liberal arts. Additionally, she also attended Universidad de Las Americas in the Mexico City. There she mastered her skill in Spanish Language. After earning her degree, Lunden worked as  a broadcast journalism lecturer at the Montclair State College which is in New Jersey.

Lunden embarked in her broadcasting career as a reporter and anchor  for KCRA-TV. While her days in Sacramento, California Lunden used to produce the noon news broadcast. In the early 1975, Lunden was affiliated with WABC-TV in New York, where she started filing an Eyewitness News. Later on she was assigned a duty as weekend newscasts co-anchor.  In the fall of 1976, Lunden went to work for GMA. During her early period at GMA, she had a duty of editing, reporting and publishing news. Subsequently Lunedn hold a place of Sandy Hill when Sandy departed from GMA to join ABC News Network. Lunden’s growing reputation promoted her role as a co-host with David Hartman. In an inquiry into public poll conducted by an Entertainment Weekly, Lunden exploded as the top choice of viewers. It is reported that millions of viewers drifted their eyes when Lunden was out of service from GMA.

Since joining the GMT, Lunden has carried out many remarkable and news worthy interviews. In her broadcasting career Lunden has secured the exclusive right to conduct interviews with prominent international personality. Lunden sat down with US presidents in a one-on-one interview. Other Lunden’s exclusive includes first lady Gerald, Rosalyn Carter, Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, George and Barbara Bush. In course of her service, Lunden has travelled in different part of the United States and all across the globe. In fact Lunden has broadcast live from many backwoods location around the globe.  

Additionally she has also been part of the A&E Cable Network where she hosted a show Behind Closed Doors. In the recent past she has hosted DiectTV’s series Hometown Heroes and award winning special program America’s Invisible Children. Throughout her tenure at the Network, she has covered many other newsworthy eventsApart from her professional career, Lunden has displayed keen interest in social service. Her complete and whole hearted fidelity towards voluntary promotion of human welfare have earned her several community service awards and honors. For her outstanding contribution to mass media in 1991, New York Women in Communication bestowed matrix award upon her. In 1986, Lunden published her autobiography entitled “I am Joan Lunden” in which she has discussed about the difficulty that usually a female journalist has to tackle with.

Coming to her personal life, in 1978 Lunden tied a marital knot with Michael A. Krauss. Her husband Michael was of jews ethnicity so when marrying Michael, Lunden adopted Judaism. But unfortunately after more than a decade their marriage ended in divorce in 1992. Lunden has three daughters by a previous marriage. In April 18, 2000 Lunden remarried Jeff Konigsberg. From her second marriage, she gave a birth to twin baby. Altogether Lunden has seven children. At the moment Lunden is running at the age of sixty three. Remarking more about trivial matter, Joan Lunden is also credited for introducing short hair style for seemingly older woman. Glancing at her shiny legs and feet, viewers assume that she might have undergone through plastic surgery. Her fans can obtain her detail biographical and personal information via wiki and official site relating to her. Her admirer can also follow her at Twitter and remain up close with her.