A phenomenal actor of American origin and renowned screenwriter from the heart, James Roberto "Jim" Jarmusch is known to the world as one of the profound proponents of the independent cinema till date, a true dedicated man who is consistently evolving in his nature towards the field of cinema. Before the tag that got him the considerable admirations of the audience as well as the critics, Jarmusch was an active actor and a valiant screenwriter. He has the supportive characteristic title of the director and producer of the idiosyncratic films  which are based on traditional narrative structure. From there Jarmusch was able to land as well as earn the worldwide fame for his name from and in the latter films to the same genre as seeing the States ‘through a foreigner’s eye’.

Born on the 22nd of January, 1953 in the heart of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, U.S, Jarmusch’s father was a German and Czech descended business man who married his mother, an aspiring film reviewer for the famous Akron Beacon Journal with both German and Isrish descent actress. Sharing the family with two Episcopalian parents, both restrictive to him, he could have asked for anything more than his not provided freedom to become a man with a tie in a silent room. They used to give him the title of ‘smarty pants’ for his counterculture acts. He is said to have attended some acting schools till the age of 12 and the rest of his schooling was in latter schools that he preferred. A local art house of cinema saw him evolve as an amateur customer and latter a producer and talented artist.

A did into his career, Jarmusch had a very young age when he started acting at just mere years with his first-ever feature film entitled Permanent Vacation and this early start was just a glimpse of the industry which later had him last long till this date. He has said to become the most proclaimed directors of the industry and is in continuous work for his goal. A career in which the best known played its part, Jarmusch was considered lucky to have landed the role in the major film titled ‘Stranger Than Paradise’. During his star-studded role as a director, he did appear in various of the famous hit movies such as Mystery Train, Down by Law, and the critically acclaimed Night on Earth. It was not long that his directing career was further improvised and he had the name of the most influential representative as related to the trend of the America-based road movies. It still stays full honours as his role was and is just not taken lightly even today. Then it was all flying colors for Jarmusch as he got the appreciation and did get the worldwide recognition that he always wished and aspired for.

A professional life was one which is the seeked after by the struggling actors of today and even the famed directors want to claim it as well and it is relative the personal one was the same. The sets of acting and directing career did come of joy to this man as he was in a romantic domain with Sara Driver, a known filmmaker from his reign in movies as they had been romantically close with each other. But the relationship was not to last long as per the US weekly that the couple had been experiencing some misunderstanding and stree and eventually they got separated. Then again  Jarmusch was able to retain his love eventually and he got close to her again and has shared and lived side-by-side for further years.

Jim Jarmusch has come a long way to achieve success. This down-to-earth guy has had the awards and nominations on many different occasions and stages of his career. He wants the world to recognize him as one of the greats of his time and asks them to either love what they do or do what they love as he takes his acting as well as directing career very seriously. He can be searched for his bio in wiki and other sites. Also he can be followed on twitter, facebook, and instragram where he is seen active.