New York Times preeminent advertising author Jim butcher was born on October 26, 1971 at Independence, Missouri, U.S. Jim wrote books occasionally until his life faced with happening incident. His genres for writing are all about fantasy, science fiction and exploratory fiction. He blends the daily phased occurrence and the supernatural concept to one and completes his story. He falls under artistic authorized novelists categories and does exceptional job in writing books.

Talking about his early life, he was born in Native American family and he was the youngest son and had two elder sisters who supported him thoroughly within his writing career. Eventually, when he was a child, he suffered from a sore throat and was sick for a long time. So his sister provided him The Lord of the Rings and The Han Solo Adventures books just to comprehend his leisure period. He was instigated with these novels and got involved in fantasy and science fiction genres.

Butcher begin his reading leisure pursuit with the first book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in the age of seven and when he was at eight, he added the books including Narnia, the prydian chronicles and many star trek novels. He was curious to read the books which had the sequel or parts of it and waited for the next series to be published. He eagerly awaited and read each book of Star Wars. We can say that he was pretty much assured about his career and writing skills.

Jim was able to carry off his imagination to the real world and later as the time passed by his personal interest went out to attempt reasonably assorted kind of activities like horseback riding, archery, martial arts, music and performing in theatre. This was all because of his love for fantasy. In the beginning he tired to write novels and after much disastrous effort based on his customary fantasizes genre, he came up with his initial book- The Dresden Files which was a trained wizard called Harry Dresden. He wrote this book as getting prepared for his writing course in 1996.

Butcher struggled a lot in his early phase of his career. After his first attempt of writing The Dresden Files, his documents were being consecutively passed away by different publishers. For two years his manuscript was all alone and was wasted until he met Ricia Mainhardt, the agent of Laurell K. Hamilton who made him enter the industry and persuaded him with his writing career. By the time, Jim managed to write more of his upcoming series including The Dresden Files which is still being running, Codex Alera which was completed by six novels and Spider Man book named The Darkest Hour. He also wrote short commercial stories like My Big Ft Supernatural Wedding, Many Bloody Returns and My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon which was published in the year 2007.

Jim was blamed for writing the Dresden Files and the Codex Alera by the jury, he appealed that it was he madness which made his imagination to be split out but the jury still is not satisfied with his statements. Despite of the fact of his unusual consequences, his challenging nature was appreciated by many. Talking about his personal life, he got married to Shannon K. Butcher who is idealistic suspense and telepathic romance writer. They are living their happily life in Missouri with their son and a wild guard dog.

The latest humorous but aspiring quotes including “When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching-they re your family” and “Are you always a smartass? – Nope. Sometimes I’ m asleep made common features and tag lines to many readers. His other numerous quotes can be acquired from his twitter account @longshotauthor and his biography can be obtained from Wikipedia.