Jessica Yellin is considered as one of the popular national political news correspondent for American television. Currently she is affiliated with the CNN news network where she is ranked as a chief white house correspondent. Within the recent time Jessica has established herself as an expert political analyst. She has covered the vital story of politics from all across the United States. She has a protracted expertise in her profession. It took plenty of exertion and dedication for her to induce into this stage of life. She prefers to call herself as a sleep deprived addict who lives and breathes politics.

Jessica Yellin was born to wealthy American parent. Yellin was born in February 25th 1971 in Los Angeles, California into Jewish family. Her father by a profession, was a real state developer, who used to furbish up ancient architectural gems. Moreover her father was a former president of the American Jewish Committee. Jessica was admitted to St. Augustine-by-the-sea –elementary school where she received very good education. As a student she had a keen interest in the study. Soon after the completion of her high school, she attended Harvard College Magna Cum Laude to do her graduation. While doing her graduation she also enrolled in Phi Beta Kappa society.

Currently Yellin is rendering service as a broadcast journalist for CNN news network. Prior to joining CNN news network, she had gained a wide range of experience by working for numerous news channel. Yellin had worked as a news correspondent for WTVT channel which is located in Tampa, Florida. After that she was affiliated with MSNBC where she used to present news report and hosted the news program show.  From July 2003 she worked for an ABC news channel where she used to be a white house correspondent for the channel. There she was assigned a duty to host the show entitled ‘Good morning America’ and ‘ABC news’. She departed from the ABC news channel in August 2007 to join the CNN news network. Yelling started to work as a national political correspondent for CNN from January 12, 2008. During that time she presented the story of 2008 presidential election. By then she was nominated for a very important role at CNN. Yellin was selected as a CNN’s chief white house correspondent.

During the presidential election she has presented the story of prominent political figure like Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin. In an interview with Anderson cooper 360, she made a commentary on the Iraq war which was quite controversial. Other than that, Yellin additionally questioned president Barack Obama concerning the matter of tax policy.

Thus as a news correspondent she has rendered extraordinary service. Yellin is highly energetic and charming personality.

Probably several folks might have known the name of short celebrated individuals. Well, it would not create any distinction if Yellin is enclosed therein class. She just stands five feet and one inch tall. Although she may be short but the peak she has attained in her professional career is peerless. Talking about her appearance, she has brown-light hair. She usually appears in formal dress. The viewers can easily figure out that she usually does not bother much about her dress up. Her basic priority is to enhance one’s internal ability and skills rather than caring about outer looks. Jessica prefers to keep her private matter in low profile. She does not like being questioned concerning her internal affair.

The forty two years old journalist is unmarried so far. So it is quite certain that she does not have any children. She appears pretty hot on camera. She possesses a stunning pair of legs and feet. Her photos are circularized everywhere the web. Her fans wish to google her images and different detail. There is no any kind of rumors concerning her affair with any male. Probably she must be having secret affairs or might have dated with some guys. Whatsoever but it is quite clear that Yellin prefers single life and enjoy her solitary. She has earned a large number of admirers. She interacts with her fan via Facebook and Twitter. Her biography can also be obtained from Wiki and the official site of the CNN news network.