Jenny Wright is one of the multitalented and energetic actress in Hollywood. She is one of the versatile actress. She was born on 23 March 1962. She was born in the capital city of North America, New York. Her real name is Jennifer G. Wright. She belongs to the middle class family. Her father was an artist. Her mother worked in a school as a school teacher. Jenny Wright has two sisters. Her mother starts to give her education in her early age. She gets her acting skills from the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Because of certain misunderstanding her parents separated. Her mother moved to the New York City. Jenny Wright and her two sisters also went with her.

Jenny Wright is one of the famous and gorgeous lady. She has white complexion of face. She has white hair and brown beautiful and gorgeous eye. She has brown medium hair. Her hair is wavy, in which she looks more pretty and cute. She speaks American accent. She is of medium height. Jenny Wright has also maintained her body perfectly. She has a slim and attractive body. She has an impressive personality and a good behavior. She is quite but smart and intelligent actress.

Jenny Wright starts her career from the very beginning. She starts her career when she was 16 years old. Jenny Wright starts her career in Hollywood from casting agent and modeling. She has struggle in modeling and as casting agent for many years. Antonio Lopez and Salvador Dali are her friends when she was in struggling period. She starts to work for film in the year 1981. She plays a small role in that film. The film was Rape & marriage. Her actual film life begins from the year 1982. In 1982, she played in 4 films. She plays The World According to Garp, Love, Sidney, The Executioner’s song, Pink Floyd-The Wall. In 1984 she plays in the film The Wild Life, in which she plays the role of Eileen. In 1985, she worked in the film St.Elmo’s Fire, in which she plays the role of Felicia. In 1986, she plays in the film Out of bonds in which she plays the role of Dizz. In 1987, she plays in two films Near dark and Crime story, in which she plays the role of Mae and Pamela Plamer. She also plays in the film The Chocolate War and midnight caller in 1988. She plays the role of Lisa and Angel respectively in the film. In 1989, she signed in four films i.e. I, madman, Valentino Returns, twister and Gideon Oliver. She plays the role of Virginia, Sylvia Fuller, Stephanie and Coombs respectively. In 1990, she has done four films i.e. Young guns III, A shock to the system, Capital News. In those films she plays the role of Jane Greathouse, Melanie O’Conner, and Doreen Duncan. She plays in the films queens Logic and Matlock in 1991. She plays a role of Asha and Ginnie Morell in those films. In 1992, 1993, 1994 1997 and 1998, she has done one film in those years. The films were The lawnmower Man, Sirens, NYPD blue and Enchanted. In those films she plays the character of Marnie Burke Reporter#2, Trish Taylor and Little Natalie’s Mother. We can find comedy, thriller and love story in her films. Because of her talent and acting skills, she has millions of fan. She has maintained privacy of her personal life. Her net worth hasn’t published yet. She has earns millions of dollar from his profession. It is also found that she is in relationship with Nicolas Cage for two years.

Jenny Wright is a versatile actress. She still gives her contribution to Hollywood at the age of 52. We can get more info and bio from different sources like wiki. We can also follow her in Facebook and twitter.