Jennifer Candy is one of the famous and energetic actress. She belongs to the Canada. She is Canadian-American. She is also the daughter of the famous and well-known comedian actor late John candy. She was born on February 3, 1980. She was born in the famous place of Canada name Ontario. Her birth place is Toronto. She belongs to the well class family. Her dad was a very famous comedian actor. She also has one brother named Christopher who was born in the date 1984. She gets her higher education from the very well known university, Loyola Marymount University. She is totally inspired by her father. Because of the filmy background, Jennifer Candy can easily enter into the world of cinema. She also felt many problems. She has also faced many struggles in this field, but she never loses her hope and carries her ambition and finally she got the height of success. John Candy was her father and her mother name is Rosemary Hobor. She is also one of the flexible and versatile producer. She has done many television series and many movies. Jennifer Candy was born on Toronto, but she passed her childhood in United States, Los Angeles. She was only 14, when her dad passed away. To fulfill the dream of her father, she enters in film industries.

Jennifer Candy is a white Canadian-American lady. She is a beautiful actress as well as friendly producer. Her ethnicity is white. She has beautiful and gorgeous eye. She is slightly built up and has a white complexion. She has a clean skin. She has brown silky hair. She has black sexy eye. She has maintained her weight and body perfectly. She is a smart and intelligent girl with brain. She also has a good sense of fashion. She generally wears fit and comfortable dress. She has a good height. She speaks American and Scottish accent. She is kind and friendly girl.

Jennifer Candy is very decent and career oriented girl. She starts her career from 2002, when she directed a stage show of the Little shop Horrors at Loyola Marymount. She also works with her father. In Little shop horrors, her father was star of that movie version. She has learned many things from her father. He always motivates and inspires her in her work. Jennifer Candy work as a producer in many films and television series. She produces in a film Foreign Body, in which she worked as a co-producer. This TV series was released in the date 2008. She also worked on the TV series Prom Queen released in 2007. In this TV series, she worked as a line producer in 31 episodes and worked as a co-producer in 10 episodes. She has also show her talent in her next television Series Sam has & friends, in which she worked as a co-producer. She worked in this series in 2006. Not only she worked as a producer, she also gets the credit of actress. She has done 6 movies. She has done Live and maddie in 2014. She also plays in the short Video named Someone Better. She also plays as an actress in the TV series The Defender. She also plays as an actress in other TV series like According to Jim, MADtv released in 2005, Camp Candy released in 1990-1992. She also gets a credit on the documentary TV series named Biography, which is released in the date 2010. In this TV series documentary, she plays the role of the daughter of his father John Candy. She plays a brilliant and true role in this documentary.

As the dream of his father, she became the one of the famous producer and actress in Canadian and American film industry. We can get her more info in wiki also. We can also follow her in twitter and other social networking sites.