Jeff Bonnett is an entrepreneur and street racer who is famous for appearing in the Discovery reality series, Street Outlaws. 

Born in 1982, he learned driving from his father, who, in his opinion, was not a great teacher. 

His father, however, lent him money to buy his first car, a 1964 Chevy II Nova for $2,800 in the condition, that he will pay back. 

He painted addresses of people’s homes in their curb as a way to earn money. 

He and his father transplanted a V-8, automatic transmission in the car. 

He has been a close friend with Farmtruck and often does the smack talking while Farmtruck does riding. 

However, he himself has started to get into the scene of racing. 

He has been driving a 1966 Volkswagen Bug, which he has named Dung Beetle. 

The car’s exterior might be a turn-off for many, however, under the hood, it packs a 1000 HP Turbo-charged precision engine

It also sports 650 cfm Holley Carburetor and Rancho 4-Speed Transmission

He hopes to smoke other guys in the “The List” with his unsuspecting machine. 

According to his social media account, he is still single. His estimated net worth is approximately $350,000.