Jean E. Smart is an American movie actress who is also involved in the television screen and in the stage act as well. She was born on the 13th of September in the year 1951. In spite of her old age she has got enthusiasm for her acting and is also considered a georgeous actress. She is mainly known for her comedic role in the television program Designing Women where she plays the role of Charlene Fraizer Stillfield. She was born in Seattle, Washington. She was the second child of her parents and when she was thirteen she got diagnosed with diabetes which was classifies as type 1. She attended Ballard High School and completed her graduation in the year 1969 which was in Seattle. When she was at High school she had got interest in acting and in different drama programs. Later she did her graduation from University of Washington along with BFA. Jean is one of the member of Alpha Delta Pi in the University of Washington.

After her completion of graduation she began to give focus on her acting career. She began to perform at the regional theatre at first then in the mid 70’s she moved into New York City along with her college mateand got to work for the off-Broadway. Her first performance since she moved to the city was in Pittsburgh Public Theater where she got to do the role of Lady Macbeth. She had the opposite role of Tom Atkins along with Keith Fowler. She also got nominated for the play, Last Summer at Bluefish Cove which was done by Drama Desk Award. The play was of the Off-Broadway.

After she got some plays, she also got to do her acting work in the television series during the late 70’s where she also featured in Facts of Life, Remington Steele and also in Alice.she got widely recognized when she got the casting role in Designing Women which was the comedy series of Charlene Fraizer Stillfield. She had done some small roles in other television series as well. Smart also did the role of Aileen Wuornos in the television movie titled Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story which got released in 1992. Smart’s other role includes as Ory Baxter in the television series of The Yearling which was telecasted in the year 1994. A year later she did the role of Sally Brewton in the mini television series titled Scarlett. She also did a movie in the year 1995 titled The Brady Bunch Movie and had the character named Mrs. Dittmeyer. Then in the same year she launched her own series which was named High Society and had the star cast of Mary McDonnell. The television series had only 13 episodes and then it ended. Then the year after 2000 she got some better acts in her career as she did the role of Lorna Lynley for the show Fraiser. The show was a hit one. Her performances also got her two Emmy awards.

 Talking about Smart’s personal life, she was married to Richard Gilliland who is also an actor. The couple met on the set of Designing Women where the both actors worked. Her husband, Gilliland played the role of J.D Shackelford who was the boyfriend of Mary Jo Shively which was played by Annie potts. The couple has got a son named Connor Douglas who was born in the year 1989 and also a daughter, Bonnie Kathleen whom they adopted as a baby from China. The couple also appeared together in the television series 24 where Smart had the role of First lady Martha Logan while her husband, Richard played the role of Captain Stan Cotter.