Jason Beghe is an American actor who is mostly known for his role in Californication, Chicago P.D., and American Dreams. Beghe is popular for playing Sergeant Hank Voight, leader of Chicago Police Department Intelligence Unit, in NBC’s hit sitcom, Chicago P.D. Beyond his distinctive voice and scary one-liners, how well do we really know about Jason Beghe?

Here are with some facts that you may not have known about Jason Beghe.

1. One Character Five Different Shows

Beghe has portrayed the same role of Sergeant Hank Voight on five different television series. The role started from Chicago Fire and made its way across four television shows including Chicago Med. Sergeant Hank hasn’t been a regular on all the shows, but it is still impressive that Beghe kept the same character active under different lights.

2. Former Scientologist

It may be hard to believe, but Beghe used to be a Scientologist. He was even a part of the Church of Scientology for 12 years. However, despite all his beliefs, he unexpectedly left the Church and started protesting against the organization in 2007. Beghe even claims that he had donated $1 million to the Church during his time in the institution.

3. Friends with JFK Jr.

Beghe attended the Collegiate School, a private prep school for boys in New York City. While studying in prep school, he became best friends with actor David Duchovny and American lawyer, JFK Jr.

4. Worked as a model in Europe 

Before making his big screen debut in Susan Sarandon’s 1985 film Compromising Positions, Beghe used to work as a model in Europe. From 1982 to 1983, he had done numerous photo shoots in Paris for Free Agency.

5. Car Accident Changed His Voice

His gravelly voice has somehow been his trademark, but he didn’t always sound like he does now.  Beghe got into a severe car accident back in 1999, which left him hospitalized and intubated. He kept pulling the tube out of his throat, that resulted in the voice that we hear today.