Beautiful yet controversial personality Jasmine Lynne Waltz famed as Jasmine Waltz is America born television personality. She was the only child of her parents who struggled a lot in her childhood. After her father’s suicide and mother’s absence she sheltered in homages. As she had no guardian she was not certain about her future. She roamed here and there to find create good future for her. She at the age of 16 attended All Girl’s Maximum Security School. She studied there for two years and was free from her school after completion of her study. She then to pave her rough roads struggled a lot. She with determination was moving forward on her future. After living across 8 different cities she finally choose to go Miami. She in Miami started to act in Commercial works as well as started Modeling.

She to sharpen her acting went to University of Performing Arts. She to support her class bills worked in Night clubs. After studying for three years she headed towards Los Angeles to pursue her career in Modeling and Acting. As she is beautiful and skilled, her talent was noticed by Hollywood. This energetic and dynamic personality was offered jobs in commercials, TV movies. Her work was highly praised as she gave her best in each of the role she performed. This star was getting attention from broadcasting houses.

She is known for her role in Pledge, This alongside Paris Hilton, Rules of Engagement. But she is widely known as playmaker and arranger of different celebrity’s love affair. She in 2010 was blamed of striking Lindsay Lohan in her face. This incident happened on the birthday of Lindsay Lohan as both were Jealous regarding Danny Cipriani. As stated by the eye witness, Jasmine ran over Lindsay’s table and punched after having some discussion. In the same year she was dragged into controversy as David Arquette confessed he had sex with Jasmine Waltz. He on a radio interview stated he slept with Jasmine although he was married with Courtney Cox. In addition to this, he even told we had sex more than twice which immediately dragged her into spotlight. But it is reported that David slept with Jasmine after being separated with Courtney Cox. Currently she is again in limelight due to her scandalous videos and moments in house of reality show Bigbrother. Her naked pictures inside Bigbrother house have created another polemic which went viral in internet. But she later made clarification regarding the video tape. She in the house is seen messing up with other participants and being the center of attraction. Her action inside her house shows she is in love with her co-participant Lee Ryan. She was seen kissing Lee Ryan passionately in the previous episode.  She showed her naked body when she was fully drunk on first night of the show. She was assumed lesbian as she kissed Luisa Zissman on the show.

Let us know about her personal life, she is being linked with many of the celebrity stars. She in 2009 was seen dating Ryan Seacrest.  She made her own sex tape and unconfined it in summer of 2011. She currently is seen dating Chris Pine but inside Bigbrother house she is in love with her co-participant. This hot celebrity flaunts her body which attracts her fans. At the age of 30 she is in the top of limelight. Although the roads to success were rough she has managed to enjoy partial success till date.  

Some of the movies and television series she acted are Poker Run, Demon, Love, Out with the Old, Lucky Town, and unhappy Birthday etc.

To know more about her we can login to her personal website as well as public information sites. Her brief biography can be found in search engines. Unfortunately there is no information about her in wiki. Her interested fans can follow her in social networking sites. She is active in twitter which has high number of her fan following.