Jansen Panettiere is an hopeful American actor who is seen in the screen also has worked for the voice characters. He is widely known for being the enthusiastic actor of Hayden Panettiere. He was born on the 25th September in the year of 1994. Jansen Panettiere was born in the city of Rockland County in the New York which is called Palisades. He is the younger inheritance of Alan Lee Skip Panettiere who is a fire department lieutenant and Lesley R. Vogel who is a former actress who was involved in soap opera.

Jansen Panettiere had been active from the year 2002 till the date. He had the supporting role in the movie The Forger. The movie had been the production of the Disney Channel Original Movie. The movie had also another star cast of Tiger Cruise. Till the date the movie has been one of the movie produced  which had the appearance of Jansen Panettiere and his sister Hayden Panettiere. The other movie was The Forger where Jansen had contributed his voice and his sister, Hayden had featured in the movie. He had also given his voice for Truman X in The X’s. Jansen had also appeared as Lucas Molly where he starred for The Last Day of Summer which is the television based movie of Nickelodeon. The Last Day of Summer was released on DVD.  The movie was premiered on the 20th of July on the year of 2007 in the children based channel Nickelodeon. Jansen’s next movie which was titled The Perfect Game was to be released in the year of 2008 in the date of August 28. The movie was the production of Lionsgate Films and it made the decision to postpone the release date. The movie was first said to be released on 22nd April, 2008 but it was later decided that the movie was to be released in the late spring in the year 2009. The movie was postponed for almost a year. It was directed by William Dear and is based on a true story. The story is about a group of boys who come from Monterrey, Mexico. The movie shows about the story of the non-U.S team who won the title of Little League World Series. Jansen Panettiere had also starred with some famous stars like Gavin Macleod in the movie The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. The movie was directed by renowned director Rich Christiano. The movie he directed is about faith and friendship among friends.  Jansen Panettiere also made an appearance with some famous artists like Jamie Lee Curtis, Martin Sheen and Christine Lahti. He had featured as Elliott Perry in the play 8. The play was directed by Dustin Lance Black. The play was played in the theatre Wilshire Ebell Theatre on the 3rd of March in the year of 2012. The play was considered as the reenactment of the trial which was of Perry v. Schwarzeneggar. The play was broadcasted on the channel of YouTube. It was broadcasted in order to raise fund for the American Foundation of Equal Rights.

In the year of 2002 he had started his film career and did the role of Kupchack’s Son. In the year of 2003 he did two movies, Hope & Faith and Third Watch where he portrayed the role of Justin Shanowski and Billy respectively. His latest appearance had been in the year of 2012 in the movies, The Forger and also in the Marvin the Martian. He did the role of Aram and Fredward in the listed movies. Jansen Panettiere was nominated for the Young Artist Award in the year of 2008 and also for best performance in a television movie.