Congregating the information of the so named “Weather Queen”- Janice dean, about her early life , educational journey and her professional career, born in Toronto and raised in Ottawa who worked for  Fox News Channel got married to Sean Newman and now lives in Long Island , New York with their two sons.

The Canadian climate traits Janice dean was born on May 9, 1970 was born in Toronto and raised in Ottawa, Canada.  Dean joined the Algonquin College and collected admiration diploma in radio and television broadcasting. Completing her diploma level, she soon established her career focusing on coverage line and commenced her career at CHEZ-FM as a first light show co – host in her resident Ottawa, Canada. She aimed performing as DJ and representing information as a reporter in the same radio station. Dean carries out every position she came in through with and in the year 1997, she was seen for the first time in on screen debut as a weather host. The program she was hosting was premiered by CBOT television.

When she was in Ottawa, she clutched abundant spot as first light news bulletin newscaster for Breakfast the New RO. For around three years, she was associated with various radio programs like KODA-FM, KKBQ-FM and KLDE-FM. She struggled during these years at various posts she was in, producing The Broad Perspective on CFRA and conducting KOOL-FM. She became an amusement reporter in “Imus in the Morning” broadcasted by WFAN-AM in New York. She was a news editor for the same show. Her career took off well when she became the part of FOX News channel as a weather personality. Her work as a Meteorologist was appreciated by media, news channels and as well as the viewers. From January 2004, she `officially became a weathercaster and is holding the position adequately until now.

The weather machine Janice dean became a part of American Meteorological Society and was honored by AMS Seal of approval in the year 2009. Before joining the Fox News at 2009, she was also viewed as a traffic reporter for KPRC television and accent of flat jazz on KODA leveled as 99.1 FM). Besides involving with her busy schedule, she evokes hosting the promotional interview of MS 150, which is generally conduct as a yearly bike race starting from Houston to Austin which promote the Lone Star Chapter of the National MS Society.

During a certain interview she put up her take on supplementary implication in illumination of her judgment currently to release the fact that she have been through spotted with several sclerosis probably round twenty one years ago. At that period she thought that her life could be in wheelchair and was completely miserable but she carried on spirit and passed on to preliminary diagnosis in the end of 2005. She also mentioned that she is feeling well and her statement made inspirational talk to every suffered individual. She also revealed the fact that she is associated with MS Awareness Week, the union indulging the neuromuscular ailment.

Talking about her personal life she was engaged on February 11, 2007 to the NYC firefighter Sean Newman. After then she gave birth to a baby boy named Matthew Newman on 24 January 2009. With the two years fissure they were expecting second baby and on February 9, 2011 she gave birth to her second child, Theodore Patrick Newman. She is spending happy life with her family residing in Long Island, New York. Audience believed on her reporting and enjoyed with the taste of climatic reviews.

An ultimate glory of dean is commendable and in every aspect of her life she contributed her outstanding anachronism to radio as well as on screen news industry. Her dedication towards her job honored her with several awards which she worth for. Extra information about her bio can be obtained from other social network , websites or online networks medias.