Jane Michelle Musky is an American actress  and also a production designerwho shows her great enthusiasm towards her work and career too. The beautiful actress was born on the 27th of May in the year of 1954. She was born in New Jersey and was raised by her parents. Musky is the daughter of John Peter, who is a musician while her mother Olka is a real estate broker. Apart from featuring in the movies, she also does the work as a production designer. She has appeared in many movies since the 1980’s while she has also featured in several television series.

At the beginning of her career she began to work in the New York and the London theater too. After that she got the chance to work at the Williamstown Theater Festival. Some other famous theaters and stages to be named are Glydebourne Opera, The English National Opera. Musky has also given her appearance for the Broadway musicals drama titled Barnum and also The News. Musky’s first credited movie is considered as the Split Cherry Tree which is a short movie. The movie was released in the year of 1983, then in the next year which was in 1984 she had also appeared in the movie titled Blood Simple which was the production of River Road Productions. She is also considered as one of the most prolific production designer in the film industry. She has been able to entertain the viewers as well as the audiences. Going on with her notable works are as follows, after Blood Simple she has also worked in the movie Raising Arizona in the year 1987 which was from the production of Circle Arizona Productions. Then in the year of 1988 she did three of the movies which were Young Guns, Illegally Yours and also Patty Heart, which was also known as Patty. Then in the year of 1989 she did a movie which was titled When Harry Met Sally. The work which she depicted in the movie was the most remarkable work which was known to the audiences.

Along with the movie career she got to work with many movie makers and also some renowned directors. Some of her collaborations include with directors like Joel and Ethan Coen, Rob Reiner, Alan Pakula, Gus Van Sant, Andy Tennant and many more. Her work with Andy Tennant was discovered in the movie Hitch where Tennant was the director and the movie was the production of Columbia Pictures. In the year 1999, Musky has also given her production work for the movie At First Sight which was the production of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Then in the year of 2000 she had given her contribution for two movies which were titled Company Man and Finding Forrester. The movies were from the production of Paramount and Columbia respectively. Apart from that Musky has also worked along with Jerry Zucker in the movie titled Ghost. The movie was the production of Paramount Pictures while Zucker was the director of the movie. The movie with Rob Reiner was When Harry Met Sally and was the production unit of the Columbia Pictures. Rob Reiner was the director of the movie.

Musky has also given her work efforts for the television works and shows too. She gave her contribution for the HBO series of Guest Host which is a pilot series and was directed by Martin Scorsese. Jane Musky got married to Anthony Howard Goldwyn in the year 1987 on 18th April. Anthony is also an actor and also a producer. He is professionally known as Tony Goldwyn while the couple recently resides at the Gersh Agency which is situated at the North Canon Dr. of the Beverly Hills.