Jamie Deen is American origin restaurant owner, author, television personality and cook of his restaurant name The Lady & sons which is in Georgia operated with the help of his younger sibling Bobby. He is the eldest child of America’s famous culinary artist and celebrity Paula Deen who prior founded and operated the restaurant before her son took over. He was born raised and did his schooling from Georgia with his brother Bobby. She started the business in 1989 making it nation’s successful food chain restaurant which is still in operation.

His mother Paula Deen runs a show named Paula’s Home Cooking in which he is also seen frequently seen helping and learning new recipes from his mother in the show which is on air in the food network. Prior to the mother show the brothers also had their own program showing, cooking technique and recipes to the customer with the name of Road Tasted but unfortunately the stopped the program later by saying they want to give more time to their family restaurant and as per the words they have proved that and later the program was modified with the name of Road Tasted with the Neelys featuring other food and culinary artists. Apart from this he also had modified and operated another small business of delivering sandwich which was started by mother in addition to her famous restaurant chain.

Apart from their family business, Deen brothers are also famous for their book based on food and recipes and the four books they published till date are Cookbook recipes from the road in 2007, Y’all Come eat in 2008, take it easy and get fired up in 2009 and 2011 respectively. They also have added the business of flavors, spices, homemade sauces and also cooking or kitchen T-shirt which can be bought from Paula Deen store or online at Pauladeen.com.

He along with brother and mother have created 100s of recipes and some of them are The son’s Cheese Biscuits, Bobby’s Light Breakfast in a cup, Bobby’s Loaded Baked Potato, Whipped Pumpkin Cream, light Baked Spaghetti. The warm love, good food and good living environment has made their restaurant more popular among people and the trade mark of Paula Deen is also the key factor for the success of the chain of restaurant and other ventures operated by the Deen family over many years.  Jamie has created many more recipes and also his creation of chilli recipe which earned him the award and is famous recipe of Jamie and is famous all over his customer with the huge demand of it. And due to the public demand he has started a new show based on his profession with the name of Home for Dinner with the help of his brother Bobby and mother Paula and other member of Deen family. Till today the brother are working without dispute which is the major factor of the fame and they have become the judge of different food based show all around America and is known to be one of the beloved and united family all over America. And also they collaborated with Grain Food Foundation to create and supply Grain- oriented recipe for healthy and nutrient full diet for people.

Moving on to his family life, he is married to Brooke Terry Deen who was his love in his college days in 2005 and this couple has two children and is living happily till date. There were some rumors about the divorce between him and his wife but the confirm and adequate news is not published. His wife also contributes her level best in the family business. More of the information about him can be found in wiki and his fans and people who want to know food recipes of him can follow him in twitter as he is big in tweeting and sharing ideas and recipes with his fans.