Jamie Colby is an eminent American national news correspondent who anchors for the Fox news channel. She was born on December 21, 1970 in New York. Her full name is Jamie Nell Colby and her father's name is Marty Colby. Today, beautiful news anchor has made her dominant position in the media world.  Jamie is honored by many prestigious awards for the contribution she gave to the media sector. Undoubtedly, she has a natural ability and skills to to alert general people about every major events of the world. Perhaps that is the reason why she has outshone than many other journalists.

Well, in her early life she was affiliated to university of Miami international school of business at the very age of 14. She graduated from the University of Miami international school and while she was 22 she received her Juris Doctor degree. Certainly, Colby was a bright student. Before she stepped into the media world she used to be a law professor. She was a former member of the University of Miami law review. She has a long experience of private practice of law. She worked on the behalf of Johny Carson in legal issue during his divorce and contract renew with NBC. At the beginning of her law career she got a big opportunity to practice law with a Hollywood company which appointed her to the “tonight show”. Jamie has also been  a board member on American women in radio and television. She was also allowed to practice law in New York, California, Florida and other parts of the United states. Apart from being witty news anchor, she is also excellent author. Colby wrote a  book with her ex husband named “Back to life after a heart crisis” the book which depicts 8-step cardiac comeback plan of the doctor and his wife.

Jamie became a member of Fox news from July 2003. Before she was associated with Fox news channel she had already served to some of the biggest news channels like CNN, CBS news channel. She used to be a correspondent for CNN and worked as an anchor and reporter for CBS news. She also anchored the news for WPIX/WB-11.  In addition she served in many other news channels as leading reporter and co-anchor . While working for Fox news Colby presented the report of vital events of the world. She covered the story of the passing of Pope John Paul. She also anchored the coverage of the election of Pope Benedict from Rome. Colby also had been to India and Sri Lanka to cast wide coverage of far-eastern Tsunami's wake. What she did there was barely credible. Pop Queen Madonna was interviewed by Jamie for her first children’s book, solely for the Fox news channel. Everyone is well acquainted with September 11 terrorist attack. At the time of that heartbreaking moment she covered every detail of that incident for which she was honored by Edward R. Murrow National award. She received the Gracie Allen award for bringing out a certain facts in 2000. She present report on Kobe Bryant case and Martha Stewart insider trading trial and prison release. Jamie is one of the hot news anchors on Fox news. She conducts show with Kelly Right on Saturday at  1 PM and Eric Shawn on Sunday at 10 AM in her unique and stylish elegance.

Jamie Colby was  married to Dr. Marc Wallack who is a surgeon by profession at a metropolitan hospital in New York.  Shortly after their marriage the couple’s divorced. Perhaps the huge age gap may be the reason why their marriage resulted in failure so soon. It is a popular fashion among widely known person to involve in social networking sites and interact with their admirer, in the same way Jamie has thousand of followers on twitter and other social networking sites. People seek information about her in Wikki, Facebook, Twitter. Still at her early forty’s , she has the perfect figure with charming face.  Colby has a photogenic face and her splendid beauty attract many audiences of her program.  Currently she resides in New York.