James Hong is an American actor who has had a prestigious position in the Hollywood. He is also a voice actor and is the former president of Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA). He was born in the year 1929 on the 22nd February. He has been in the acting profession for more than five decades. He has about more than 350 roles in the movies which also includes his appearance in television series and also in some of the video games. He was born in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. His father got an immigration from Hong Kong to Chicago through Canada. When he was a child he moved to Hong Kong in order to get his early education and then later returned to the United States when he was ten years. He attended University of Southern California where he studied civil engineering. During his study he had been influenced by the acting and then later got training from Jeff Corey.

Before Hong took a step in the acting career he had worked as a road engineer of the Los Angeles County for about seven and a half years. He then started his career in the acting and for the voice acting too. He came in rise during the 1950’s when he began to dub the voices for the various Asian movies. Some of his notable works in the voice acting are for the characters of Ogata which was played by Akira Takarada and also for Dr. Serizawa which had been played by the actor Akihiko Hirata during the time of 1956. The voice dubbing was for the movie which was titled Godzilla, King of the Monsters!. His another remarkable voice work was for the character of The Human Vapor.

Going on with his screen act and feature he was given the role of Jimmy Ling for the episode of Sky King which was Red Tentacles. The television series was telecasted in the year 1956 and the show had the cast of Kirby Grant. He also had given his guest appearance for the NBC series of The Californians. Then in the coming year which was in 1957 and in 1958 he was casted in the Number One Son for the role of Barry Chan. The role was for the British American television show titled The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. The show had the star cast of J. Carrol Naish where he did the role of Charlie Chan. Then in the year fo 1959, Hong featured on the episode of Zorro which used to be telecasted in the Walt Disney’s ABC. He did many guest appearances in different television series. Hong had appeared twice I the series of Hong Kong and also in Adventures in paradise. His other appearances has also been in the ABC series of Islanders.

Apart from acting career he has also experienced the work of directing movie. He has directed the movie Teen Lust. About Hong’s personal life he currently resides in Los Angeles along with his wife Susan. He got married to Susan in the year 1977. He had been a great father to his daughter as he helped to coach his daughter for her acting career. He helped his daughter since she was four years old and later she also got to appear in several television shows and series. Hong’s daughter April has also got some of her father’s quality as she is also a fabulous voice actor. Before marrying Susan, James Hong had been married to actress Pear Huang. The former couple was together from the year 1967 to the year 1973. They got separated and Hong got his another engagement in 1977.