Born on March 7, 1981, a true performer in the pasture of the acting and fashion world, generally known for her ingenious character- Jael De Prado was born in Colombia who laid her intact involvement with an American television as a lead actress and fascinated the fashion world accomplishing with revered awards like silver Telly Award and the Bronze Remi.

Early life of Jael was easy but engrossed with the effort as she was inventive minded girl. From the early age, jael had the appearance and endowment towards the modeling and acting career. Keeping this in mind her parents put forward her photos to the ford modeling association. The young Colombian girl was conveyed to NYC, Big Apple at the age of two as her photos were acknowledged by the agency. After this involvement Jael initiated her modeling career performing in several ad promotions and perspectives. She was only four year old when she joined this field. From the beginning, Jael used to study acting in her leisure time and this ability of her helped her in numerous field of her work career. Jael can speak Spanish and Italian fluently and she is inherent in between two states of America.

An enthusiastic recitalist later focused on the Fashion Institute of Technology from where she expanded her acquaintance of subjects like exhibit design and multi-media study. A passionate designer Jael assisted the prominence fashion designer Particia Field in her extra time and after spending the work time with her in downtown store, Particia inscribed a letter of reference when Jael choose to admit in acting school located at Los Angeles after completing her college course, following acting career. her study line established herself getting chance to learn the acting with some of the top experts in the field of acting embracing Susan Batson, Lesly Kahn and Janet Alhanti. Indulging and polishing her acting skills, she soon grabbed the opportunities performing in television and feature promotions for agencies like as Levis, Apple, Sony, Nissan and many more. Slowly she was being able to seize the attention of people and became an admired trait in viable globe.

Jael’s career took up at the stature when she came up with an audition for newly commenced youthful TV show named Current TV where she have to raise the channel by her hosting skills. After then the interview she was signed and dealing the agreement, continuously hosting the show for three years later she became the face of Current TV. Her writing, hosting skills lead her in the field of producing system, generated sections in Colombia, Panama, and Mexico including shows based on journalism element, lane of hazardous jungle and later she produced the sections premiered in HBO named Sex and the City stylizing her manager Patrica.

Going deeper into her personal life, Jael de Pardo is believed to have affair with somebody whom she is dating. It is also rumored that hot Jael de Pardo cannot be staying without any boyfriend but these facts has not been accepted by her. Jael de Pardo is believed to get married whom she would be called her husband & live happy life without having divorce & unnecessary hassle. The beautiful feet of Jael de Pardo is often googled by her fan following. Her information can be found from Wiki and other biography related website.

All of her work were very dreadful and was recognized by several entertainment industries including the administrative producer of sensation smash series Destination Truth proffered her to play a role of “researcher” onscreen. An exploration attitude of her made a path to demeanor her to explore places like King Tut’s tomb and illustrated the myths and prodigy on her shows. Later she was offered to conduct the functional shows like Fact or Faked based on the psychic documentation. She just has completed the second season of show Haunted Highway sharing the screen with Jack Osbourne.

A voyager Jael take pleasure in writing and traveling which have carried her to every crook of the globe whether in a way drive back down extracting shaft in Chile or SCUBA plunging along with sharks in Bermuda Triangle. All of these extremely menace tour and enthuse towards her travel made her state as “real life Lara Croft”. This courageous lady had been awarded with silver telly award and bronz remi as she have earned it with self worth and a strong believe towards her work . Other adventures journey of Jael can be experienced going through her bio published on several social Medias.