An activist and passionate lady also an analyst of sports, Jackie Pepper is an America- born sports-teller and a versatile  reporter of the one Comcast Sports Net and has reported as well as anchored the CBS affiliated covers of  Utah Jazz and some more sport teams of the United States.Pepper is the native to Angelino, Los Angeles, and was born and raised in sports family environment of Southern California.  She was active in the observation of the Lakers and Dodgers along with her parents. She possesses a real love and affinity for sports and the friends of her childhood did motivate her to pursue “Vicki the Vicking”,a mate mascot for her Santa Monica High School. She did attend all most every sporting event of football and water polo in full costume of Viking. She was voted as “Most Spirited” for her ever-growing valued efforts as well as her passion towards the sport.

She completed her graduation from University of Arizona, with the study of interdisciplinary studies that had the focus in both communication and journalism and she had a degree in sociology as well.

 She featured as a co-host to a talk show of sports, KAMP students at the time of her seniors year where she had arranged the one of a kind talk therapy targeting lower achievement in  football as well as basketball team. She saw her biggest failure when she forgot to nominate the final three candidates among the Wildcat, Wilma and the Mascot.  Whenever she watches the DVD of the Arizona Games, it still manages to hurt her.

Digging into her Career, Pepper started her career with that of one production runner of live events during her senior years for the ABC and ESPN Sports television.  She did involve in frequent and timed visits to colleges for the famous NBA games and the football all over the country and had the work assigned to support the broadcasting team by arranging the trucks with the TV, the technical and broadcaster support in the games for a candid spirit and stylish fashion.

After mere three years of her supporting career, she started to work as an assistant in studio production at NFL Network in the City of Culver. She was appointed to create the shows and  graphics as well as to write the contents needed for the news. After her successful NFL seasons, she went on to become one very appreciated reporter for the live coverage on the Utah Jazz, also known as the Falls Chukars in the CBS associating to KIDK of part South. She was able to fulfill her lifelong dream which was the cover of the Celtics vs. Laker, in the year 2010, the biggest finals of that year.

She is said to be able to make her appearance look hot with a stagering body measurements of 34-26-35. With an expected age of 27 at pesent, Pepper has been spotted with a bikini on so as when covering a local beach volleyball competition. The estimated height of Jackie is 5'7'' and her current weight is about 52kgs or 124lb . Her devine belief in God has stated her to be of Christain religion. An American nationality futher exceeds her capability in coverage of sports destination.

A child with the passion for sports that took her to the edge of the success that she ever hoped she could is Jackie Pepper. The fulfillment of the dream of life came as she could cover the finals of the NBA which was the much needed boost in her carrer. By that Pepper was able to establish a reputation like no other in the field of sports coverage.