Jackie Evancho melted the heart of many after she performed on America’s Got Talent season 5 in 2010. She made it to the AGT after her YouTube audition impressed the judges. She finished second in the competition behind singer Michael Grimm. She released her EP, O Holy Night with Columbia Records in 2010, which was certified platinum by the RIAA, making her the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum in the U.S.

Success Story

At 18, her career has seen success in a different form. She is a best-selling debut artist of 2010, the youngest person ever to give a solo concert at Lincoln Center and what not? While we have seen her rejoicing the celebrated career, recently she revealed unseen part of her childhood on one of her Facebook posts.

Jackie Evancho wearing a white dress and flaunting blonde hair

She is one of the 50 acts to compete on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. With a lengthy caption, she explained the alarming part of her childhood and the reason why she decided to compete on AGT: The Champions.

People often still think of me as a child star, and that isn’t easy to shake off. I just performed on NBC’s AGT’s The Champions and it allowed me to reflect on my journey – the reason I wanted to do the show was to walk onto that stage as a young woman and show the world I am no longer a child.

Jackie also disclosed her take on the dangers of growing up famous, to which she wrote,

I trust absolutely no one unless they are family or have passed through years of my life without hurting me in some way. There is also a sadness in me from growing up basically alone.

She also mentioned how men would try to hurt her or even get to her with false identities to gain her trust and easy access backstage. Growing up as a star is not easy, and Jackie too faced all the problem, which could break her or even bring her down.  But, she didn’t succumb. Instead, she moved on focusing on the brighter side of life. 

There was the fear of stalkers and other dangers of being in the spotlight that my family and I had to deal with. All these things were terrible as a child and yet I’m still here performing and loving it. A lot of people may ask “Why?” and I say it’s my path, my dream, and my passion, with a fire inside of me when I perform. I’ve learned that there is a lot about the world that is sad. That’s just life, but there are also many beautiful parts of life that I cherish and focus on.

Recently residing in New York, Jackie is planning to release a new album, The Debut in February 2019. She is currently busy on her The Two Hearts tour, which continued throughout 2018 and will end in March 2019.

Jackie Evancho wearing a long pull over and a long boots

Watch Jackie Evancho perform on NBC’s AGT: The Champions on February 4, 2019.