Jack White born as Anthony Gills is a multitalented celebrity having multiple professions. According to current estimation of his wealth, very successful Jack has net worth of $30 million. By age 38 years old Jack has been ranked at No. 17 on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists”. Although his life journey has been summarized in various biographic sites including wiki, jack is 1.88 m in height with medium build body and celebrates his birthday on July 9. Recently he is dating his girlfriend Meg White.

Multitalented Jack White was born as John Anthony Gills on July 9, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan as a youngest of ten children. He is the member of large working-class Catholic family. Although today he is the one of the most famous musician but he gives all credit to the Church, which has played a huge role in shaping White’s worldview during his initial days of his life. he still feels strongly connected to God as his root of success is Catholic default. No matter how much he is serious about his job as a musician but he never do anything against god’s will. Instead of it he does exactly what God tells him to do and he only cares about god’s will for him.

At the age of 14, White was supposed to be a priest but fortunately for fans of rock and roll, he was eventually chose not to join the clergy but instead of it he choose music. He started to work for his dream in music world from drum as a very first instrument. He started playing drum as a first-grader and soon picked up the guitar and piano as well. After that he began making his first lo-fi recordings of his own compositions before he started his school.

In 1990, Jack began working as an upholstery’s apprentice, training for a life in the furniture trade. But his career as upholster did not prove to be fruitful for him but still he managed to record his demo album with one of his co-workers under the moniker. It was the first time when he was paid from being musical gig, playing drums for a locally popular Detroit cowpunk band called Goober & the Peas.

Since his 21st birthday he has been dating a bartender girl Meg white at a local barbecue joint called Memphis Smoke. After a very short period they got married on September 21, 1996. After the marriage Jack White picked his wife’s surname Gillis rather than his own. They soon moved to neighborhood of Southwestern Detroit, there he continued working in the upholstery shop on the day and play music at nights.

Ever since the couple got married, Meg was helping her husband in music although she had no basics in music. They learned to accompany each other by every possible way, at the beginning Meg had even no idea, what she was doing in music but still she choose to help him as much she could. They even named themselves “The White Stripes” and also gave their debut performance at a local Detroit night club during summer of 1997. In 1999, The White Stripes released their self-titled debut album called “The Big Killed My Baby”.

It was on 2000, when the couple decided to separate from each other. But, the divorce did not end their partnership in music, they were seen together for longer period. Although they were divorced pair, but they called themselves siblings, it took quite long time for media to find out the real relationship between them.

After several months of separation, they released their second album “De Stijl”, the album received nearly universal praise from cities. The couple main success on 2001 from the album White Blood Cells, the band profile rose further when the album was included on many publications.Mean while Jack and fellow Raconteur Jack Lawrence were getting ready to launch yet another alt-rock supergroup, The Dead Weather.

At the present The White Stripes has became one of the most influential personalities in rock music world in the early 21st century by pushing a low-fi stripped-down sound. Today he is known by various professions such as singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, designer upholsterer, director, writer and actor. Currently he is one of the richest celebrities of the music world having net worth of $30 million dollars.