Tremendously gifted personality known as a one of the leading entrepreneur in the world- Jack Dorsey was born on November 19, 1976 in Missouri, U.S. He is generally known as a maker of Twitter, Inc. Fitting into American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity; he was born and raised in St. Louis born to his parents Tim Dorsey and Marcia Dorsey. Hoisted Catholic Dorsey dreamt of being a computer wiz. He had a keen awareness in computer designing and programming including communication techniques throughout his premature years. He joined Bishop DuBourg High School. Afterward he attended Missouri University of Science and Technology for higher study. He terminated his course and shifted to New York University.

The intellectual Jack Dorsey began to indulge in programming when his was attending his High school. Later having much acquaintance about the programming he was experienced enough to develop software used in cabs that sends the message to find the taxi through web. He composed this software in the age of fifteen in the year 2000 and his software is still in use by different cabs in different states. For working for long time his dedication paid off, he introduced the most waited and well-liked communal network site of the generation named as twitter. Twitter was named after he established his own company with his two associates Stone and Odeo. The company was titled as “Obvious”.

Twitter was generally created for updating their latest events working in daily basis in the course of simple msg. the text appeared in form of short sms. Twitter came across widely in the year 2006 in July 13. Twitter was tremendously used by people around the world and it became extreme hit. Common people as well as the celebrities got their chance interact with each other through this site as well as they utilized to update their usual daily happenings. Twitter had set a special place in people’s life playing an essential part. Today most of the people have their twitter account and by the year 2010 it was estimated that twitter had successfully lugged over 105 million users in its account.

Dorsey was instinctive mastermind and carry on with it. Twitter’s status is incredibly beyond the comparison but jack is not gratified up till now as he is working for his next contagious projects. He also has commenced the innovative endeavor in titled Square. It is a small unusual device that in fact accepts credit card by miniature device connecting to the computers or cell phones. The software was introduced in the year 2010. Jack is the billionaire in his very young age. He is enjoying his achievement to the extent.

The amiable Dorsey is thirty six years old but he is one of the eligible bachelors of the time. Carrying off with his charming personality, he stands 5’10” tall. Many high-tech companies all following him and every company want him. But the mastermind lives himself in the world of innovation and creativity. At represent he is residing in San Francisco California.

The capability and devotion towards his work made him worth what he is today. He is one of the most renowned businessmen in the world. His commitment and enthusiasm had paid him off with a huge amount net worth of $1.1 billion. His latest biography and information can be obtained from different networking sites and his admirer can certainly follow him in his twitter account @jack. He posts his updates and tweets on a daily basis. They can make out him yet better through this site.