Despite of belonging to African descent, Isha Sesay has made a place among elite journalists of western media. Some folks have begun to label her as a hot bombshell since she appeared on television sets. One can easily conceive that how popular she must have been when her photos are circularized everywhere the web. At the moment Isha Sesay is serving as a broadcast journalist for the CNN news network. Isha has created a terrific accomplishment in her career.

Isha was born of Muslim parents in January 6, 1976 in the United Kingdom. Isha was one among three youngsters having an associate older sister and younger brother. Her parent were originally from Sierra Leone. Her mother used to teach at Fourth Bay college while her father was a lawyer. Her father died of liver disease once visiting India in 1988. When Isha was only seven years old, she had to move to Sierra Leone together with her family. She lived in the African nation for much of her childhood. At the age of sixteen she came back to the United Kingdom. Her completion of A level was accepted into Trinity faculty and there she enrolled in English subject. It absolutely was there she set to become tv presenter. Antecedently she had a plan to become an actress.

Isha commenced her professional career in 1998 working as a researcher for a show named ‘BBC talk Show Kilroy’. In the long run of her career path she has been associated with several news networks. At the moment she is affiliated with CNN International and HLN. With the exception of  her association with CNN international, Isha for good conducts 360 Bulletin on Anderson Copper 360.

 She joined Sky Sports news channel in March 2000. Throughout the time functioning at sky sports TV she conducted a show entitled ‘Good morning sports fan’ for 3 years. During her service at Sky Sports she got a massive opportunity to interview former boxer Michael Watson. She also conducted interviews with Ellen Macarthur. She used to travel with the Arsenal football team to cover the sports news and event. By then she moved to ITN where she was assigned a duty to conduct a show titled ‘ITV Morning News’ . In addition she was a newscaster on early morning show program ‘GMTV’.

Isha was formally associated with CNN International in November 2005, in the global headquarter of network which is located in Atlanta. In April 2007 she was in Nigeria to present the live coverage of the presidential election. Subsequently she travelled to South Africa to present the report of the world elder. Isha Sesay has lined several major events all across the globe. She may be a good example of beauty with brain.

Isha was merely an ordinary girl who had a dream to be a flourishing person. With her dedication and effort she made her dreams turn into reality. The black beauty news anchor has just turned 37. To this point she is unmarried but however in Janauray 5, 2013 Isha Sesay got engaged within the presence of her close friends and relatives. It was solely confirmed once she spoke to Anderson Cooper concerning her engagement. It is quite unsure when Isha Sesay is getting married very soon. Indeed she never speaks to any news channel regarding her wedding. It could also be sometime she is going to surprise her admirers. Currently she is rated as a top broadcast journalist. Isha has a well proportioned figure. She has a slim body and charming face. Her hair color is a black and has dark-black eye. The gracious news commentator has attained an outsized range of admirers. Sure enough her fanatic admirers wish to possess her terribly turbulently. She interacts with her admirers via Twitter and Facebook. Whenever she updates any status her fans respond very quickly. It shows how popular she must have been. Many folks feel its worthy to speak concerning her sizzling beauty. In fact she has won millions of hearts. Her detail biography can also be obtained from Wiki and the official site of the CNN news channel.