Kehlani is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter whose career kick-started after appearing as a vocalist from the PopLyfe band on ‘America’s Got Talent.’

While she was a part of the band, her performance was limited only as a vocalist, but she wanted to thrive a career in songwriting too, so she parted ways to start a solo career and signed with the Atlantic Records eventually.

She has been nominated for Grammy Awards for her songs; You Should Be Here in 2015 and Distraction in 2017.  She has garnered a net worth of $3 million from her up and coming career.

The Grammy nominated singer has lived through a dark past.

Why did she attempt a suicide? Stay with us to find out.

Kehlani had been in headlines at previously for her suicide attempt & relationship chaos. Her post on social media relating to the suicide attempt had left her fans in shock back in 2016.

The suicide attempt was a result of the backlash she faced.

Kehlani had been dating Kyrie Irving, an NBA player since January 2016, shortly after breaking up with ex-boyfriend rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR (PND).

Kyrie & Kehlani who had been close friends for a long time turned their friendship into a romantic relationship shortly after her split with PND.

PND had gone public about his failures as a boyfriend publicly; he had released a song in dedication to Kehlani, and all his actions showed he was having a hard time moving on.

Amidst of Kehlani’s new relationship, PND posted a picture which had him holding Kehlani’s hand in his bed; he had captioned the photo “After all the shenanigans, still got the R&B singer back in my bed.”

The post triggered the outrage among the Kyrie & Kehlani’s followers resulting in backlashes against Kehlani. 

The backlash had her take the decision to end her life. A post after her failed attempt showed her frustration towards the hypocrite society. 

She had been sad to see how people had been judging her for following her heart, and has asked all of them to concentrate on their own life! Is this going to hamper Kehlani’s career in any way? 

Seems like the incident had made Kehlani stronger, as she has been up with great songs recently. We wish her good luck for the win.