When children enter their teenage years, parents might find it hard to understand or relate with their kids. It’s the natural process that a teen child not only exhibits the physical changes but also goes through the psychological changes. Your sweet and delicate child who needed you every step of the way, might not even want to be within 20 yards of you. Sure, they listen to you when you try to talk to them, but that comes with rolling their eyes over and slamming the door. And for sure, that might not be a new thing to discover, as every one of passes that stage.

The fluctuating mood, aggressive nature, emotionally delicate and anxiousness are few things that are notable among almost all teenagers. For all these, all thanks to hormones. The hormonal change defines all the behavior, psychological and physical changes. The hormonal changes start from the very age of seven. The most widely recognized physiological change that has disturbed teens is depression. About 20 percent of teens of all teens experience depression before entering into adulthood.

Well! Parenting gets challenging when your kids are teens. But what do you think is the best way to find out whether or not your child is getting out of control?

Does your teenage child have severe appearance complex?

The teens love to get updated very much with fashion. With that, that their attire might change into the attention seeking clothes or even dyeing hair or getting tattoos can be something that can be added to the list.

Howsoever, the fashion changes with time and so the child will, but the problem is there when your child is getting complex regarding their appearance. When they start thinking how fat they are or how dark is their skin complexion then that is the real issue. If your child is not okay with their looks then that might lead to a life taking situation like cutting the wrist and all. The third-leading cause of death among young people is suicide.

Is your teen kid abusive?

The normal adolescence might be short-tempered and more impatient. They somehow think that they are solely the right person. Well! Every teen thinks that and same you did when you were a teenager.

But the problem starts there when they start to hurt other physically. That’s a red flag. Some teenagers are so aggressive in nature and stubborn then they might not able to control their emotions which later on results in getting violent in nature.

To detect that, parents don’t need to go their kid’s school. That can be witnessed when they are abusive to their siblings or neighbor’s kids too.

Is your child coming home high and drunk?

‘Curious nature’ can perfectly define a teenager. To learn new things and trying out ‘COOL’ stuff with peers is something that teens choose to do. They eagerly want to try out smoking cigarettes or weed and drinking alcohols too. But are they coming home high and drunk?

Teenage is the stage which can mold kids for the future. Definitely, parents don’t want their child to be a drunkard or something. So, if you witness your kid smoking cigarettes, weed or intaking alcohol then that’s the high time to apply some mantra to get your child back on track.

Does your child stay out all night?

Hanging out with friends is something that teens love to do. Planning a stay over at friend’s house or in some lounge, that is the time for parents to buckle up.

Peer pressure is something that can entirely hamper a teenager. A minute can change an entire life and that nights can be of great effect in the teen’s life. So, you might like to check on your teen kids whether or not they are disguising you in the name of ‘stay over at friends’ for homework.’

Has your child ever stolen things or gotten arrested?

Teenagers opt to live life without confinement and boundaries. Without following the words that their parent suggests them, they prefer to set their own way of living. Getting the secondary necessary fulfilled in compulsory basis is something that can create a problem shortly.

If they are not set with certain rules and regulations then that can lead them to the wrong path. We have plenty of examples of teens who have committed crimes just to settle down his ego or to fulfill some supplementary needs. Well! Nobody prefers to be a good example of a bad influence, right?

What can be done?

  1. For adolescents, a direct ‘No’ might not help parents to settle down issues with their kids, rather convincing them works well.
  2. Teen kids often seek attention, in that case, a proper conversation with them can be a right decision to do, frequently.
  3. The teenagers prefer when their parents are updated with their day-to-day life, so parents must try to do that.
  4. Certain routines for the family members can be a great solution to make your teen kids orderly behaved and well-organized.
  5. Consulting the experts or doctors can be the best idea to have knowledge for the cause of vast change in your teenage kids.


In a nutshell, parenting teenagers is definitely not an easy task. Kids would try to experience new things out, try to choose the path which doesn’t bind or keep them behind the bars. It’s up to parents how you want to raise your kid whether you want to search for the reason for the unusual behavior of your children or you would live to find the reason and tackle that down?

We all have that one phase in life which can help you to experience different ups and downs both emotionally and psychologically. All children are unique and they act distinctly. As the same key is not used to unlock different the lockers, one should understand a child, their problems and accordingly. The foremost solution for the very problem of major change in teenagers can be consulted with the experts and doctors.