One inspirational actor and director, Hector Elizondo is known to the world as one successful stage actor whose dedication got him the Obie Award, one very prestigious in the Broadway field. Before the role in the film industry was there for him, the applause and appreciations came far early from the audience as well as the critics for his active screenwriting. He has the supportive role on the major hits like Chicago Hope and Last Man Standing to his name with considerable awards. From there Hector was able to get the leading role and the worldwide fame to his name from and in the adaptations to film of the Young Doctors In Love, a critically acclaimed movie.  

Born on the 22nd of December, 1936 in the heart of New York City, New York, Elizondo’s father had the job of one accountant and notary public and his mother used to work as a homemaker in the city. Having to share the family with inspirational parents, he could not have been more gifted and asked for anything more than their care and support. He was at the High School Of Performing Arts till the age of 12 and the rest of his schooling did happen in New York City College and later dropped out. An artist-based company named saw him evolve as an freshman theatre artist.

A did into his career, Hector has had a very early age start to his film career when being cast in the 1963 release, The Fat Black Pussycat which had many offers coming to him after his eye-catching performance in the movie. But this was an early start and was just a glimpse for the industry which had to see what was in store for it. He has said that his’ was the most unexpected but average in success drama in acting.

During his time as a Screenwriter and a vivid stage actor, he did appear in some relatively famous acting campaigns of the 2007 collection. But that was not all; the feature in the 1977 blockbuster entitled ‘The Landlord’ saw his collections of stone-cold emotions that he had to offer. It was not long that his acting career did take an amazing turn as he started to come in the TV-series as well. Kojak saw him gather more prominence and also the much aspired international fame. With the lead role in the “Columbo: A case of Immunity” a reality-based series with the famous award winning director and plot producers, saw him as the ‘New Face’ which became the top rated series with the ‘Reality’ genre of all time. A part in the film-seeked series with that success is sure to have him appear him in the latter series. But his aspirations took him to aspect the role of Cop in the series titled ‘Baretta’ when star-steps were taken into the role. He has now got the name of the “Super Star” and has had the thing that he aspired to hail, ‘Academy Awards’’. Then it was all flying colors for Hector as he got the lead in Honeyboy from Fox and did earn the worldwide recognition that he always wished and aspired for.

A professional life was one with seldom of the struggles for Elizondo but was the personal the same. It is relative to say so for he had been married nearly three times. The sets of latter work did come of joy to the star as he was said to have been romantically linked with Carolee Campbell, One vivid women with the Emmy Awards in her bags. And the relationship was to last long as per the couple had been going through plans for their marriage and had to get engaged on 1969. And now are said to have been getting more promising due to some rising tension between the two.

Hector Elizondo has come a long way to achieve success. This down-to-earth guy has had the awards and nominations on many different occasions and stages of his career and even in the Golden Globe. He wants the world to either love what they do or do what they love as he takes his acting career as the first and the most wanted love of his life. He can be searched for his bio in wiki and other sites. Also he can be followed on twitter, facebook, and instragram where he is seen active. There came a recent rumor that he is no more in this world. However, in June 2015 it just proved to be a hoax.