Heather Tesch is a gorgeous American television meteorologist. Her appearance in the television delights the large number of audience. She is a native American who has spent more than a decade reporting the weather phenomenon. She has been around with the weather channel for approximately 14 years. The on camera meteorologist looks very hot and sexy while she appears reporting daily weather. For sure many viewers get turned on seeing her beauty. Without doubt, Heather is very attractive and seductive looking women who have a long list of admirers.

Heather Tesch was born of American parents in 1967 at Buffalo. Her hometown is Minnesota where she spent most of her childhood period wondering about the changes in the weather. Usually the inhabitants of Minnesota experience cold weather but she does not like it very much. Regardless of her preference she always had to walk through the cold and the snowy path to school. Precisely those were the days when she developed a keen interest in  atmospheric changes. She was so much fascinated by the mystical beauty of the weather that not only changes but also evolve from time to time. As a student Heather had impressive intelligence. She was an ambitious and a bright student. Heather  decided to study Meteorology so she joined the University of New Hampshire. Eventually she earned a degree in B.S in Meteorology. Since Heather was seeking a career in the Media sector so she also attended the University of Minnesota where she did complete her B. A in broadcast Journalism. As soon as she completed her study she started to pursue her dreams. She always had a strong aspiration to become a successful television meteorologist.

She initiated her career as a television anchor for a local news channel. During the initial phase of her career she worked as a news anchor for waste administration. Meanwhile she also served as a correspondent for different local news channels which were situated in Texas, Georgia, Brunswick and  Corpus Christi. Prior to joining the weather channel she had gained a wide variety of skills and experience. Heather made her debut as an on camera meteorologist in WPXTV. After her powerful debut, the following days were very favorable and gracious to her. She had contributed as on camera meteorologist for WGME TV which is located in Portland, Maine. Heather was also affiliated with WGAL-TV, WCCO-TV which is located in Pennsylvania and Minneapolis respectively. Tech was associated with the weather channel in 1999 and then she had spent almost 14 years informing the viewers about daily weather. Heather has covered the blizzards in the northeast with which people are accustomed to living. She has present the report of a hurricane, flooding that occurs every year. She always alerts the general public about the possible natural calamity and its consequences.

There is an interesting fact about her life. In April 2011 in Georgia  due to sudden outbreaks of Tornado  a kitten was dispossessed. Heather fostered the kittens and still one of them is living with her. Heather has made people aware of animal well beings. Frequently she has presented the story about the difficult situation of pet animals. Heather is a great advocate of animal rights. She has used her position to draw the attention about homeless pets. Heather has five cats which shows that how much she is fond of animals. She is truly an animal lover who is cooperating with many animals right organizations. At the moment she jointly hosts the day planner. From every Monday to Friday at 11 AM and 2 PM , she can be found  anchoring weather report.

The beautiful news anchor is already married and has got two children. It seems that couple trust and love each other so much. They have not filed for divorce yet. Since Heather does not like to reveal much about her private life so there is not much information about her husband and children. Unlike other media figures her detail biography is not presented in Wikipedia but however her other details are given in the weather channel. Heather has just turned 46 but even at this stage she possess great beauty and splendor . She has got stunning pair of legs and feet. Her viewers adore her beauty. She likes to interact with her fan via Facebook and Twitter. Currently she resides in Atlanta with her family.