A passionately active lady working in the Sports casting world, Heather Cox is a versatile sportscaster who also happens to be one of the sideline reporters known to the newscating world today. She is considered hardworking and preferred reporters by the WNBA and NBA as well as ongoing college basketball and football games for the channels like ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. She works so actively and encouragingly as that can be seen in her observations relating to the coverage of the Summer Olympics in 2008 of the Beach Volleyball event. She covered these stories while working for the NBC Sports. Coz is the preferred reporter behind the coverage and reporting of the Summer Olympics of 2012 for the same event. Cox made her outstanding debut for NBC while covering both Volleyball and Beach Volleyball events at the Athens Games held in the year 2001.Cox celebrates her birthday on the 3rd of June, 1970, and she was found to have had a keen interest on making reports on sports from an early age and then reporting the story as that of a sportscaster to people around her. Not only this was seen preferring volleyball rather that other sports and did not fall to get into the sports physically.

Heather Cox has had a very interesting carrer. With an American Nationality, Cox had to work as a columnist for the magazine, Pac-10 Conference, which included the writing of a national volleyball column every week in the year 2000. She did serve as a reporter on the magazine show named Running with the Pac. Cox  then set off on her broadcasting career as an analyst to Basketball for Fox Sports which was in 1993 and covered the then happening professional basketball, college football and volleyball as well while her tenure as a reporter at the Fox Sports. Her coverage areas included NBA, college football and NCAA basketball for the channels such as ABC and ESPN, also the WNBA and professional volleyball were among the preferences. A love for volleyball lead her to contribute to the reporting of the sport that she did. Also a with a communications degree that she earned in the year 1992 helped her achieve her goals. Cox completed her graduation from University of the Pacific where she was active in both the sports and was proclaimed a veteran in it and its coverage. For her outstanding efforts in the sports, Cox got the opportunity to play as a member to the National Volleyball Team of the United States. Also her work as a sportscaster was awarded by the E. Douglas Boyden Media Recognition Award in the US.

Being a reporter herself, Cox knows how to stay secretive of her personal life and seldom is known about this all inspiring lady.  She is known to have married her husband who played football at a school in California. The couple is said to have a very unique kind of personal and professional relation. Cox possesses a very noticeable height with long and nice legs. Her body measurements are not cited in any of her bios but it is said that she is able to look stunning and hot in everything she decides to rock, even a bikini.

 An ever-active inspirational sportscaster, Cox has is all happy feet at the moment with her married domain. The salary is not cited in any of her bios but it’s the work that she had the ability to put into that really sets her above others. She is one of the most remarkable sportscasters to have made the love for their favorite sports casting career a fond for living. She can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter.