Kirsten Powers is widely known American political analyst and newspaper columnist. She was born in 1969. Powers is basically a liberal columnist who believes in the political ideology of progress and reform. She has published numerous articles on burning issues. Powers has published a large number of magazine articles for a daily newspaper, weekly newspaper. At the moment she works as a columnist for Newsweek and the Daily Beast. She is an expert political analyst who also serves for the Fox News Cable Channel.

Kirsten was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her mother was an archaeologist. Her parents were a member of the Episcopal church so she was brought up as an Episcopalian. It is quite certain that whenever a person starts to contemplate profoundly and stand on the ground of rationality he would like to free himself from all existing dogma in the same way later in her adult life she became an atheist. In fact now, she advocates  equality, speaks against every bias perception. Kirsten completed her graduation from University of Maryland. She was also affiliated with Georgetown University where she studied for a year and half. In 1992 during Clinton-gore presidential transition phase she initiated her career as an operative for the Democratic Party.  During Bill Clinton administration from (1993-1998) she was nominated as deputy assistant U.S. trade spokesperson for public matters at the same time she was also appointed as vice-president for international communications at America online.  She had also held the place of vice president at the AOL- Time warner foundation. Kirsten has taken on responsibility of many important social and government organizations. Apart from being a terrific writer she is also a great  conversationalist.  Since from the beginning of her career she has been loyal to the democratic party. She served in the New York state democratic committee. Powers has also contributed for a short duration of time  as a press secretary for the Democratic National committee chair race by Donnie Fowler.  She has connected herself in different functions and activities and has fulfilled and completed her duty with total dedication. She has worked as press secretary, communication advisor and consultant of the Democratic party. She has also been the advisor of many non- profit institutions like Human Rights First and the National Council For Research On Women (NCRW).

Powers is among few political analysts who can make a very acute observation of changing political phenomena. Her articles have become the subject matter of discussion among politically conscious people. She has earned a huge number of readers. Cristen has a very concrete idea regarding few  moral, social and political matter. There has been some complex issues and government agenda which are in dispute and must be settled. Regarding such matters she set forth her view with clarity. She agrees with Obama health care reform program since she considers that it is a moral imperative to provide health care to all Americans. Since being a liberal thinker she acts against any kind of policy that privilege few limited people of society. She thinks that health care should not be the exclusive right of a few wealthy people that’s why she has favored Obama health care reform. She was against the Iraq war and she even does not favor the death penalty. She supports gun control and think that gay people should also get equal right. We know, it is a self evident truth that liberal thinker never tolerates and support theocracy and so does Kirsten. However she believes that people should not be deprived of right of selecting their own government. She is strongly against elective late-term abortion.

Powers has very magnificent personality. In January 2010  Powers got married to Dr. Marty Makary who is by profession professor of public health at Johns Hopkins University. In 2002 for a short period she dared to Anthony Weiner who was former Congressman. She looks gorgeous and has a well shaped figure. If anyone prefers to get her daily update he/she can follow her on twitter. Her information is also kept in Wiki.