Hartman Rector Jr. is one of the famous general authority of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This church is also known as LDS church. He was also the first person of that church who became the general authority of the church. He was appointing as general authority during the second half of 20th century. This amazing and versatile man was born in the famous place of U.S named Missouri. He was born in the place called Moberly. He was born on the August 20, 1924. His age is now 90. He completed his high school course from the Murray State Teacher College. And he completed his higher education from the famous college of California named University of Southern California. He married to the beautiful girl Constance Kirk Daniel in 1947. He has two children from Kirk Daniel. He is a religious man and he also belongs to the traditional and religious family. To be a good and love toward god, his parents inspire and motivate him. His parents show him a good way and moral him to be a kind and loveable person. He only went to church when it was summer season. His grandmother told him that the end of the earth is near. She also told him that if he believes on god and pray for a good and peace life then the god will stop save us.

Hartman Rector Jr. is a smart and intelligent person. He has a white complexion skin tone. He is a traditional and religious person. So, he generally wears formal dress. He looks smart in that formal dress. He has a brown hair and light brown eye. He is strongly built up and patient toward his work. He is strict as well as kind person.

He is a social and welfare loving person. So he decided to join social and religious field as career. He joined first council of the seventy and become the member. He joined first council of the seventy in April 6, 1998. He was called by David O. Mckay. Because of position discontinued and transferred to the First quorum of the seventy he left first council of the seventy. He left first council of the seventy on October 1, 1976.

After serving on first council of the seventy for 8 years, he was called by Spencer W. Kimball in October 3, 1975 for serving the first quorum of the seventy. He was called earlier than he left first council of the seventy. He worked there for 19 years. And he end the first quorum of the seventy for the reason that he was granted general authority emeritus status.

He joined emeritus general authority in October 1, 1994. He was called by Howard W. Hunter, who was an American lawyer and also the fourteenth president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is serving there since 1994. He has also served in church Italian Mission in which he was an interim president.

Except this profession, Hartman Rector Jr. has also joined United States Navy in 1943. He also took part in many wars. He was also there in Korean War held in 1950. Returning from there, he went for the training Hawaii. He also took the lesson from the Mormon missionaries. He spent his 26 years life in the navy pilot. During his working days, he has also faced controversy. His admission as an investor in a Ponzi scheme was an idea or intention to attack Latter-day Saint investors. This is found out by different alligators in 2009.

This famous personality gave his whole life, serving people. We can get more info from different source. We can obtain more information from wiki also. He can be follow in twitter and other networking sites.