Haley Loraine Keeling is one the most acclaimed American actresses as well as soulful singers known to the world. Born on the 7th of January, 1988, she earned her recognition as a singer and an actress for her unseen-in-reality performance in the 2007 hit with the romantic/comedy genre Music and Lyrics which had her being nominated for the Independent Spirit Award. Known formally as Haley Bennet, she is also listed in the known issue of GQ as one ‘smart lady’ and also the label of the ‘ one of the coolest women in the world’.  A typical but board career acclaimed her for the musical sense that she possessed and got the almost dream-able tag of a ‘renowned singer’. This tag was just what Bennet needed to garner the attention of and within the musical world of the world. Not only this, her splendid work was the earner of the Young Hollywood award for the Teen Vogue Fashion. Born in the beautiful outskirts of Fort Myers, Florida, Bennet is the daughter of one loving father, Ronald Keeling, an acclaimed singer of the golden era of music and one supportive mother, Dorsey Bennet. She grew up and spend her childhood in Stoiw, Ohio. There, she went onto attend Stow-Munroe Falls High School. She is the sister to her older and loving brother. Bennet has attended the Barron Collier High School, where she was actively appeared in many and numerous acting as well as musical studies and later wont onto pursue her career prior to moving to Los Angeles, California.

Digging into her career, Bennet has been starred on hit movies like College which despite being a teen-only rated film was noted as critical and commercial success.  There she has been able to depict her raw talent which got acclaims of her critics for her cute, sweet appearance and brown hair. Her versatile nature and dedication saw her dissolve in the supporting as well as lead roles of The Haunting Of Molly where she was seen playing a minor but distinctive role. Bennet gave back-to-back hits either be College or Marley & Me in which she portrayed her first ever cameo role on the big screen. She claimed the praises to herself as being “Warm” and “Radiant” for her brilliant performances. Bennet’s feature in “The Hole” got her nominated for a best actress award. It was not long that Outstanding Younger Actress award in an aired Drama Series in the year 2008 was in her bags.

 She did get the appreciation with the title of “Radiant and appealing” for a minor role in the then hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun of 2008. A role alongside Lily Cole in the same series saw Bennet make her herself count as a supporting actress. Her uphill success had her feature in the Live Concert related to The Mint which was held in Los Angeles in the year 2008. It was in that performance which saw Bannet make some emotionally touching statements which later had her appreciated by her spectators. But the major breakthrough in the movies came as Bennet had her appearence in the independent drama, Lawless which was based on the direction of Terrence Malick, one very profound directors in the industry. She also managed to rise to her prominence and which eventually got her to the mainstream success. It was then said by the news articles that Bennet will play a role but with appealing immediacy which the secret for the flourishing success and also as being cast for a regular basis on some of the new acclaimed series, as also being nominated for the prestigious awards.

Bennet is said to make her appearance as hot with an amazing body measurements of about 34-26-35. With an expected age of 26 at present, Bennet has been seen rocking a bikini on so as when enjoying a local beach visit. With the estimated height being 5'7'' long fine legs and great feet are major attributes to her body and currently weighing at about 52kgs or 124lb, her immortal and divine belief is in her Christian religion. Any of her bio contain the wanted informations of her being married to her male partners who are in love with her and is very popular with the local musical community in her home town. She is said to support them selflessly and the star is still in search for her prince charming.

An ever-hopeful lady, Haley Bennet has her salary depending on the amount if effort that she puts into the work and her net worth is not yet cited. She can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter.