Gregory John Gutfeld who is known for his professional name Greg Gutfeld is an American television personality. He is an author, humorist, editor of a magazine, a political satirist and a usual blogger. His work for the televison has been a great contribution and is famous for hosting Red Eyw with Greg Gutfeld which is telecasted in Fox News Channel. He was born on september 12, 1964 in San Mateo, California. He went to Junipero Serra High School where he completed his High School and graduated from University of California, Berkerly. He completed his graduation in 1987. His political opinion started to evolve when he was in the University. He currently lives in New York and is well established. He resides with his wife, Elena Moussa. He lived in London for three years where he met Elena and later got married.

He completed his graduation in his university in English. After his graduation he gave an internship for an assistant to writer R. Emmett Tyrrell. He interned at The American Spectator. He worked in Prevention magazine whe he had his full-time job. He worked as an editor for Rodale Press magazine for nearly 10 years. He promoted men’s health as he worked as a staff writer for Men’s Health. He worked in Men’s Health in 1995 and in the year of 1999 he became the editor in chief of Men’s Health. He was fired just after a week where he was replaced by David Zinczenko. Later he became chief editor in Stuff. For two years from 2004 to 2006 he worked for Maxim magazine in the UK. He had more than forty thousand readers but due to failure in his renewal of the contract, his final year got close. The Huffington Post was established in 2005 where he was one of the first contributors to post in the launch. He posted his writings till October 2008. He was a lively worker and his sarcasm targeted Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington who were his colleagues. The frequent targets were the bloggers of the Huffington Post. His comments are still in the blogsite of The Huffington Post. The Daily Gut is a personal blogsite started off by Gutfeld himself. In 2007 february 5, he hosted the late night program Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. The program was broadcasted for an hour and he has been the host since 2007. His co-host in the program has been casted  by Bill Schulz. Later Bill left the show. Bill used to work with Gutfeld in Stuff magazine. Andy Levy was also a supporting act in the show telecasted by Fox News Channel whom Greg met in the Huffington Post where Andy was also a blogger. Another program which used to air in the Fox News Channel had Gutfeld as a co-host on July 11, 2011. The program was titled The Five. The program was listed as a discussion program related to some political issues and some controversies. He also has an act in a episode Come On, God of a television program  Louie where he performed as a host of his own show in a parody version. The episode was aired on 2011, August 11 on FX. At this age he has

A controversy rose when his program made a fun out of the Canadian military official’s. Later Gutfeld apologized to the officials accepting his choice of words were wrong. His tweets in his twitter account also had some unestablishment to the rights provided to the gay and also some religious issues. He has not only been a television personality but also a enthusiastic writer through his experience. He has had different experience which resulted in his unknowing salary and his property. Having a height of 5 ft and 4 inches the tv personality also had a rumour about his divorce. His opinion towards his children was that they would not inherit much of what he earned. His bio can be found up in wiki and other search engines.