The veteran journalist Gloria Borger has come a long way in her career. She has been in the news industry for forty years. She has accomplished many tasks which are possible only for those of that caliber. The Jewish American journalist, political analyst and columnist is currently working for CNN. She joined the network in September 2007. She is doing an outstanding work as Chief Political Analyst at CNN. She appears daily on The Situation Room along with her frequent appearance on The John King USA Show. She is concentrated on political news and analysis. The talented Borger was born on September 22, 1952 in New Rochelle in the heart of New York. She grew up whistling in the air of her hometown. She was named Gloria Anne Borger at the time of her birth. Her father a business of electrical appliances, named the Borger’s.

Intelligent Borger attended Colgate University and acquired her graduation in 1974. Two years after her graduation she put her first step into the profession as a reporter for Washington Star. She basically covered the political stories. Later she got her chance at CBS News where her major role of political correspondent. She was the news contributor for various news coverage including 60 Minutes II and Face The Nation. Further she has the invaluable experience of working as political correspondent as well as co-anchoring Capital Report at CNBC.

Along with her television work she is active in writing too. Her posts can be viewed on and Previously she had worked as political writer for US News and World Report magazine. She was contributing editor and columnist as well. She also served for News Week. She was general assignment reporter at first, later became chief congressional correspondent. Besides she is also the co-author of the book titled “Federal Triangle”.

The bold and fearless lady has experiences of contributing biggest news for her employers. She reported Three Mile Island event in 1979 for News Week. She also reported Osama Bin Laden’s death, United States’ Debt Ceiling dispute, policy review of Afghanistan by President Barak Obama, 2008 election campaign trials, election coverage of America’s choice and many more national and international news. She has played major role in award winning reports for CNN.

She is sixty years of age. She is still able to maintain her looks at this age, through proper diet and regular exercise. The lovely news anchor, with an excellent presentation skill, looks awesome in her wisely chosen outfits showing off her legs and feet in a classy manner. She puts a lot of effort to enhance her appearance. Rumors of Gloria Borger plastic surgery & Facelift flew around but it seems to be false. She interviewed popular attorneys Ted Oslon and David Boise, the supporters of same-sex marriage. Her interview with Ron Paul Brought in the unwanted controversy as Paul Left in the middle of the interview on being asked about the racist newsletters. 

Borger is enjoying her married life with her husband Lance Morgan, a chief pubic relation officer. They have two children. They are living in Washington DC, according to reports. She has achieved great height in her career. She is an asset to every organization she is attached to. She is receiving a good salary for her contribution. No official report on the actual figure has been published. Her viewers love to watch her on screen. They can remain close to her through her official facebook and twitter accounts. Her biography can be obtained from wiki, her official website and CNN official web page. Her bio can be accessed from various other websites.