Since the release of Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix, fans are drooling over one of her backup dancers. The highly anticipated two-hour production is the final show of Taylor for the U.S. leg for her world tour and was released on December 31, 2018. While Taylor’s ability to blend her songs perfectly got the attention of many, fans couldn’t help but notice drop-dead gorgeous dancer, who appeared throughout the film. Twitter users are demanding to find the identity of the handsome mystery man; he is now identified as Giuseppe Giofrè.

Giuseppe Giofrè’s Short Bio

Born on January 10, 1993, in Gioia Tauro, RC, Giuseppe got inclined towards dance from a very young age and started taking amateur dance classes at a school of his hometown. At 17, he moved to Reggio Calabria to study Hip-Hop/Jazz-funk, where he also got opportunities for internships. His participation in various competitions helped him earn scholarships & award, and from there on, there was no turning back from Giuseppe.

Giuseppe Giofrè holding the color of his leather jacket with both of his hands

He joined Amici in the summer of 2011. He won in the “dance” category of Amici 11 and won the scholarship for The Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles. The Calabrian dancer also danced on The X Factor UK in September 2012. He released his debut album Call on Me in 2013. He moved to Los Angeles in June 2014 after he signed a contract with McDonald Selznick Associates.

Giuseppe Giofrè on the stage with Taylor Swift

He went on Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, which ran from May 5, 2015, to Dec 12, 2015, and also became a part of Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour. As of now, Taylor Swift’s Netflix concert special can be streamed online.

More recently, Giuseppe has joined Britney Spears’ dance corps for her upcoming Domination tour, which starts on February 13, 2019.