Georgina Hope Rineheart shortened to Gina Rinehart is an Australian business tycoon related to the mining activities and also the chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting group executing the behavior of the company. She was born on 9th Feb, 1954 in Perth, Australia and is also considered as one of the richest people in Australia and securing the 4th richest women in the world. Gina is the descendant of Lang Hancock and Hope Margaret Nicholas. She had studied economics at the University of Sydney which helped her reach the present position. Her education performance boosted up her career as well.

 She had bought a stake in Fairfax Media, a media organization gaining a major share in the Ten Network Holdings. She has been announced the wealthiest person in 2011 by different media and communications. Some of the renowned medias covering the facts were reported by Forbes Asia and Business Review Weekly. In 1973, at an early age she got married  with Greg Milton. She was just 19 at that moment. She gave birth to two children, John Langley and Bianca Hope. Gina and her husband had some cold corner to their relationship which did not last their marriage. She got seperated with her husband in 1979 and were officially divorced in 1981. After two years of her divorce she got married to Frank Rinehart who was a corporate lawyer. Her recent husband died in 1990 and they also had two children Gina and Hope who had only a year and a half difference. Later she had several legal issues with her stepmother. After the death of her father in 1992, there was a dispute over the assets belonging to Hancock and the company. The case took almost 14 years to straighten out. There was a minute dispute among Rinehart and her son John who had changed his surname from Rinehart to Hancock. There were some other family issues too regarding Rinehart and her children. This was all about her personal life and her feuds.

Moving on with her business life and career, she became the executive chairwoman of the Hancock Prospecting Private Limited after the death of her father. She had an obligation in her work where she turned the undeveloped deposits and raising capital into the capital to produce mines. She shares her 50 percent of the profit from Hancock prospecting to the Hope Downs Mine which is also handled by Rinehart, herself. At this age only a superhuman could do such progressive things, but Rinehart proved herself as a superhuman.  During the year of 2010 she took 10 percent of her stake in Ten Network Holdings. Due to the overcoming of the stakes in the company she has turned herself a business protagonist infront of the media. 2012 was the challenging year for her as she increased her stake to 18.67 percent, in that case she could cover up three board seats. There was a misguidance between Rinehart and the chairman of Fairfax which resulted to non-offering of seats to Rinehart. She was listed in the 27th position of the most powerful woman in the world by Forbe’s magazine. This was the year 2014, she was placed no. 16th in 2013. As she is a business tycoon the net worth fluctuates but her estimated net worth amount is $29.17 billion and her salary cannot be alleged as well. During that time BRW stated that most probably she would be the person having about $100 billion. She is also involved in some political activities where she founded ANDEV ( Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision). She has been enhancing the development of the Australia’s North.

She is a strong and commanding tycoon whom every business enterpreneur dreams to be. Her information can be found up in search sites like wiki and can be followed in twitter.